10 best practices for building a mailing list

July 09, 2018 3 min read

10 best practices for building a mailing list

10 best practices for building a mailing list

Building a mailing list is one of the activities that give a lot of marketers a hard time. You need to take your time to have the right size of a mailing list.

However, the size of your list may not matter at the end of the day if it is not producing any results. The perfect idea is to have a list that has the targeted audience only. The following are the 10 basic practices that have been proven to generate a sales generating email list.

Note that, emails are 40% more effective at generating new leads than social media.

Use ‘core offer’ lead magnet

The prospects’ email addresses will give you the emails subscribers you need. A lead magnet has the most significant power for building a mailing list. However, that is not just enough as you need a list of highly targeted buyers that is where your core offer comes in.

Use a simple lead magnet to get subscribers quickly

If you want to build an email list quickly, you need to give a simple lead magnet. Give something like a checklist or a guide. It is not easy for people to say no to something that is actionable and solves an immediate problem.

Deliver immediate benefits

Your subscribers are expecting you to give them immediate value. This may sound simple, but many of the email subscriptions don’t do it. As soon as the subscribed opt-in, give them immediate value without delay.

Tell your subscriber stories

The key here is to connect with your subscribers. You want to ensure that you have written emails that tell stories. When you share your stories, people feel more bonded to you.

Your name should appear in the subject line

Let no one lie to you that people connect with brands. People want to connect with people, and that is a secret that you will have to learn if you are concerned about success. Putting your name in the subject line enables your subscriber to connect with people from the other end.

Understand your customers’ needs

One of the biggest mistakes that most marketers make is to communicate with the prospect as though they were robots. You need to have a personal connection with them. Show them that you have a solution to their problem and start by highlighting their issues.

The ratio of promos to content should be kept low

Sending sales emails and sending valuable content have a clear line between them. Don’t use your mailing list with a focus on profits alone.

Be direct with people close to completing the sales cycle

When people are about to but, they will need as much information as possible. Be more aggressive with this people.

Social proof in opt-ins

It interests people a lot if they see what others are doing. Flex your numbers if you have a large mailing list. It will create a desire for others to be part of your email list. 

People who aren't engaged should be removed

If you have a subscriber who hasn’t opened your emails for many months, they are just wasting your resources. Clean your list and remove them.

Now you can build a mailing list that is effective.

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