4 Quick Ways To Increase Your B2B Lead Quality

July 05, 2018 2 min read

4 Quick Ways To Increase Your B2B Lead Quality

4 Quick Ways To Increase Your B2B Lead Quality

Generating B2B leads can be an easy task. How hard can it be to identify companies that might have interest in your services? However, the quality of your leads is what matters. You may find yourself spending too much on a lead that will not take you anywhere when it would have been better to focus on just a few that can convert.

The definition of a quality lead varies from person to person. The baseline is; a great percentage of your leads should travel through the sales funnel until they finally become sales opportunities. This means that a lead that is worthy of your resources, one that can receive follow-up, should be a lead to grasp.

In most instances, programs that generate B2B leads involve the act between three things; lead volume, quality, and cost. As a business owner, you need to figure out that spot that you consider your sweetest when it comes to these metrics. After figuring them out, comes the task of optimizing them which must be met.

There are some companies that value lead volume more than any other thing. Their goal is usually to import as many contacts as possible, and they usually lack a firm budget.

However, many B2B companies put a lot of focus on lead quality which is the most important metric today. They may have limited resources dedicated to prospect outreach.

 Whatever spectrum you fall into, improving the quality of your leads should be the basis of your marketing goal, and you can use the following methods.

Get to know the specific sales objections

Very few companies have a fully functioning feedback loop between leads and sales. Marketers must understand if the sales team says that sales leads are not of acceptable quality. Start by understanding the specific issues that make it hard for the leads to convert.

Target business buyers

There have sometimes been complaining that perhaps the sales team is attracting far too many non-business buyers. Many sales teams will prefer business email addresses over personal. Their belief is, general emails like Hotmail and Gmail lack the qualification of a good lead. Marketers can use more specific descriptions like, ‘business email,’ ‘work email’ or ‘company email’ to increase the percentage of business emails.

It may not go through to go as far as rejecting personal emails. Some companies have even blocked other mail addresses. This has greatly limited lead volumes.

Ensure as much as possible to qualify clickers

Most companies offer services targeting medium and large corporations in specific industries as opposed to those from independent and small businesses. This is a great challenge for many as they may fail to reach prospects at the sight-size business.

CRM lead data and reporting can help; use it

If you focus on the conversion reporting from the CRM, you can find the specific keywords that are more helpful in moving the initial inquiry to prospect. It will improve the actual prospects and final sales as in increase the cost per conversion same as in AdWords.

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