Cold Emailing -The Most Effective Marketing Channel

July 09, 2018 2 min read

Cold Emailing -The Most Effective Marketing Channel

Cold Emailing -The Most Effective Marketing Channel

It is quite normal for some people to think that email marketing no longer works today. However, the fact that most people think this way makes it even a more workable plan for marketers.

It all begins with you and your perception of how emails can help you. If you believe that emails don’t work, you will not put to ensure they do. You will not write content that attracts your customers and as such, getting the best out of them is almost impossible.

Email marketing work quite effectively. 25% of marketers believe they are the best way to witness the highest ROI. If therefore you believe this, your email will not be just blank uninteresting texts but will be characterized by target content.

Consumers expect and appreciate branded emails. They show you are more interested in giving them a solution more than making profits from them.

You should care about email marketing, but why?

There have been several methods applied by different companies by companies to get to their customers. Direct mailing has been one of them. Another way has been through cold calling. Both of these methods have been effective in the past for companies attempting to acquire new customers.

Cold calling has a problem though. First is time-consuming because you have to take a lot of time to plan the process. You must be prepared to stay on the phone for a long period. Secondly, it might not be easy to get the customer on the phone in the first place. Most people are busy with other things, and they have not the time to sit down and converse on the phone.

Direct mails used to be effective too. But now who will have time to go through them when there are emails to check? Send them emails instead, and there are higher chances of them being read.

Thousands of emails can be sent in minutes compared to any other means of communication. This will create a massive demand for your product and or service to your customers.

Email marketing basics

Know your leads - the first thing you want to do before sending an email is to know your prospects. Get personal with them and understand them because you want to ensure you are sending the mail to the right person. Having a long list of contacts is never the key, but you can prioritize them for better nurturing.

Knowing your customer is important. For example, you have a better chance with them if you can speak their language.

Have a formula - When sending a cold email; you have just a few seconds to catch the attention of the reader. Therefore use a first line that will capture them.

To do this, you must understand the lifetime value of your average customer. It will give you an overview of your mailing strategy and how much time needs to spend on emails.


It is no doubt that cold emailing is the most effective marketing channel. But it all depends on how you handle it.

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