Don’t Ignore These 5 Facts About Email Marketing

July 09, 2018 2 min read

Don’t Ignore These 5 Facts About Email Marketing

Don’t Ignore These 5 Facts About Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies in the business realm today. Though there are many myths about emails in the modern society, they carry very great importance in on the market.

Did you know for example that emails have been proved to provide the highest ROI? Most marketers prefer because of this fact.

Ignoring emails today may be a bad idea in your marketing campaign. There are several facts about emails that you cannot just ignore.

Emails are older than social media

This is a fact that many people know yet they choose to ignore it. Social media has been on the rage in the most recent time. The platforms have simply taken the world by storm and that why many people may believe it is the best marketing idea.

Emails, on the other hand, don’t seem so famous especially among the millennials. They consider them a method that is beaten by time and is no longer applicable.

The truth is, emails have been around for more than 20 years now. In fact, they might be as old as the internet itself.

Serious marketers know that no matter how much other innovations come on board, emails will remain. They are simply the most effective marketing tool, and it assures the highest ROI.

Emails have been integrated with social media and other technologies to make them more automated. Any tech that comes on board seems to find favor with emails when it comes to marketing. This is the reason why emails have become even more active today than ever.

Emails drive sales

Yes! Emails have been proven most effective to drive sales. It is easier and faster to get to your customers to join you in an event using emails that any other means.

If you take cold calling, for example, it takes quite a lot of time to arrange and make calls. If you are planning an event, it may be hectic to call all your customers. But you can simply send a blast to them.

Emails allow you to communicate immediately the same as social media. But only a small percentage is likely tosed your message.

Email audience is huge

Social media presents a real huge audience, but emails are likely to be even bigger. Most of the social media accounts like on Facebook are integrated with emails. By 2017, the number of email accounts was expected to hit 4.9 Billion. This is according to Radicati.

Emails are a targeted communication and are personal

The best way to get to people is to show them individual concern. Emails offer that opportunity making it the most effective personal communication too.

They can last forever

Compare with the last time you an interesting post on a social media platform. You may have noticed but decided to come back later to click on it. When you can pay for it later, you may find it gone. Emails will stay in your inbox until you decide to get rid of it.

This short guide was written in collaboration with CBD Life Mag who provided us with statistics from their email marketing campaigns to help us prepare this guide.

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