How To Get The Most Value From Your Leads

July 09, 2018 2 min read

How To Get The Most Value From Your Leads

How To Get The Most Value From Your Leads

There is a clear line between merely generating leads and generating leads that are helpful. Not all leads are generated the same and ones you get that; you will be able to generate leads that convert at the end of the day.

The modern business realm demands that you generate leads that have a high chance of converting. It is never about having a long list of contacts but having those that are good for your business. When you are generating leads, identify those that have shown the interest in buying first.

Today, many of the sales managers and representatives have a mixed emotion- love/hate- with leads. There are those that find them quite intriguing and will go an extra mile to generate them. Others, on the other hand, may seem to have a phobia for the process. They want to have the leads yes, but the process makes them shiver.

Nevertheless, most marketing teams are measured by the quality of the leads brought in. Not the number of leads. The leads are essential for the sales team as they are compensated by the number of leads they turn into sales.

All these show that quality is the number one consideration for a valuable lead generation. This brings tension between marketing and sales teams as the fight to get the credit of who are doing their jobs the best.

Leads are generally connecting the business to potential buyers and sellers. They are the essential part of a salesperson whether they like it or not. Getting the most out of them is, therefore, something you cannot dispute. The following ways are the best way to do this.

Reduce the response time

Effective management of leads is one of the struggles that companies face. Most of the time, it is estimated that only 27% of the leads generated get contacted. The rest are just left hanging. As if that is not enough, it takes too long to contact them.

If you are going to sale smart, you will have to substantially reduce the response time at every stage of the sales process. Customers today are looking quicker and more personalized response. Apart from that, the competition is not sleeping and is very easy for possible prospects to slip out of your hand.

The leads quality standard should be set high

Quality leads are the end goal of every marketer. If you set low standards for quality, then the leads you are going to get will be low in standard. Useful leads are measured by the amount of data they present your system. You have to know how they got their way into the system.

Most of your time should be used to measure success

You are looking for success if you must win. This means you have to rely more on data to prioritize your leads. In simple terms, measure your success-the likeliness that the lead will convert at the end of the day.

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