How To Reach Mobile Users With Email Campaign

July 09, 2018 2 min read

How To Reach Mobile Users With Email Campaign

How To Reach Mobile Users With Email Campaign

Among the digital marketing strategies that have proved most efficient for Return On Investment is email marketing. The possibility that revenue collected by email marketing is rising is quite high; this is according to a study done by Econsultancy.

Email marketing has been found to be the best channel with 68% of companies using it. One may argue that Information Communication Technology has changed so much that emails seem to be a thing if the past. The truth is, emails play an even bigger role as far as ROI is concerned than any other channel.

In the modern era, mobile device contributed to the largest number of internet users. Most of the subscribers to the internet channels use Smartphones and tablets; they have simply become an extension of us, as you will find that people are always checking their phones even hundreds of times a day.

The millennials, for example, are said to be so much glued to their phones that separating them could be impossible. This is why they make the largest number of online customers.

As a marketer, having the most comprehensive email marketing strategy can be key to your success in your marketing campaigns specifically where the emails are concerned. When creating your emails, therefore, it is important you have mobile users in mind; to grab their attention.

Here are a few ways you can use this, mobile addiction to your advantage.

Do not just focus on the emails alone - consider the overall journey of the buyer

What good will a nicely drafted and created email do you if it leads the customer to a broken landing page? You need to ensure that the customer gets what your emails promise when they clock on the backlinks. Take your relationship with the customer as one with an old friend; it should not be taken for granted as it is full of historical moments.

The email must be relevant, personal and on time every time

It is important that you truly understand your audience and their needs if you want them to know you better too. It is no longer just about inserting their first name at the beginning of the mail. Use your subscriber data to track and know when subscribers open emails; the time spent by each the sites they clock on mostly.

Mobile trends should be top on your mind

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to designing emails for mobile users more than desktop users. The trick is, if it looks good on a small screen, it will definitely look good on a big screen. Ensure you consider everything concerning mobile users including font size, embracing the scroll, call-to-action button, and customization of preview text.

You are free to go big and bold but keep in mind to be clean and simple

Images are better to process by humans than texts. You can use attention to grab image or video but make them clean and simple.

If you follow these tips, then you have the best chances of converting your audience into sales.

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