How To Refine Your B2B Mailing List

July 09, 2018 2 min read

How To Refine Your B2B Mailing List

How To Refine Your B2B Mailing List

Identify proper targets is the first rule of direct sales more so when it comes to Business to Business sales. There is no need to invest so much in marketing when you are not achieving any ROI. The secret is to ensure that every message you send goes directly to the desired audience and business.

Gone are the days when you could through in the net anyhow hoping to catch whatever you can. Your mailing list can be long but full of leads that are just fillers. In fact, it does not always mean that a company that as purchased from you is the right target for a campaign that you are launching.

Sometimes you may be forced to weigh your options and re-define your goals. In such times, refining your mailing list could be the best way to handle things. There are two criteria you can use to achieve this.

The size of your employees

The size of a company is defined by the number of people it has as employees. This means you will have to consider seriously the product/service you are offering and how they can be aligned with the goal of employing a particular number of people.

If you are a small business, for instance, your target will be other smaller size businesses to achieve a new ergonomic chair. This will build you into targeting a larger audience once you have a cache of these smaller companies. This means you might want to target larger companies if you are marketing software programmed for talent acquisition for example.

The number of employees will mean wider customization. Put in mind that most companies may have employees in more than one location. Before basing your choice on the total number, know how many are in a building first. You must also know where you will be delivering your goods.

Be very careful, however, when using the number of employees as a limiting factor. Some companies that employ say 200 people are owned by corporations that employ only 10. If therefore you limit yourself to say 15 and above, you might be losing more than you can imagine.

Look at the annual revenue of the company

This is another great indicator that shows how big or small a company is. But still, you must determine your offer’s alignment with the amount the particular company has produced say this year. Ask yourself, the benefits your product will bring to a company producing less than $1M per year. This will help you to determine if you are priced yourself out of the small business market.

You want to be sure it is the right target for any reason instead of following a lead that might not bring anything to your table.

You can combine both

Looking at the above criteria, each can work effectively separately. But then what if you consider combining these two data point? That will give you the clearest picture of who your audience should be.

Also, it is important that you carefully examine the list of your existing customers. Increase your leads to grow your business.

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