July 09, 2018

How Viable Is Email Campaign?

Are you wondering whether or not it is a good idea to start an email campaign? This is quite understandable as there are a lot more people who wonder about the same thing.

You see, technology in communication seem to have taken a different twist. With the introduction of better communications techniques, it is easy to assume emails no longer work. For example, social media has taken the world to a whole new level of communication and socialization.

This is why there is a new trend in the use of emails. Many marketers are dropping emails from another tool. But is that really a good idea? Those who are in a hurry to follow-up on results are definitely in for a huge disappointment.

What does research say?

If you took your phone and inserted the phrase “email marketing is dead” in your Google browser, expect 93000 results. This is just for a quick search. This only means, more and more people are researching on the viability of emails today.

Bloggers and content marketer have realized this and are making information available. These results, however, don’t mean that email marketing is dead. Most of them may include blogs like….”don’t think email marketing is dead...”

The fact is, emails are not dead. If anything, they are working better today more than they were a few years ago.

The only problem maybe could be that the majority of the emails companies send out don’t evoke excitement for many people. In most cases, they are promotional stuff that is specifically targeted for consumers.

This is basically the reason why you will not be careful with them. If you believe that email marketing is dead, it will be hard for you to create content that is exciting. You want to send emails just for the sake of sending.

It depends on your stand

Yes, everyone has a belief about emails, and they may not be the same as that of others. Maybe you think emails are dead and you will not take your time to care what your readers think. In that case, it becomes very difficult to believe your campaign is really working.

However, if you believe that emails are alive, then you will get the best services from them. Emails really work, and you will definitely witness it if you put in energy to create them effectively.

How effective are emails, therefore?

80% of marketers across the globe see emails as the perfect way to retain customers. An Email Marketing industry census of 2017 done by Econsultancy revealed that 25% of marketer acknowledged emails. They say emails the best means to achieve the highest ROI.

Apart from marketers, consumers are the final say in the email campaigns. As it stands today, consumers most expect, and appreciate branded email communication. Emails have simply become our part of our daily lives.


If you are looking at marketing as a game of numbers, then emails are your perfect ally. The fact that it is not a new concept makes it even more exciting to use. Emails do work!

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