The Psychology Of Buying

July 09, 2018 2 min read

The Psychology Of Buying

The Psychology Of Buying

Have you ever been walking in the street then you find something that you buy without even planning for it? What do you think compelled you into buying that product? What is it that people buy things without even expecting to? People spend fortunes to buy very small products. They don’t even fill the weight of it all- but why?

The reality of it, people always have certain psychological needs that must be fulfilled. There are many ways to achieve this fulfillment and buying staff is one of the most common methods.

Sometimes people buy brands for different reasons one of them assumed to be because they like them. The truth is, they may not even like the brand yet they buy them. Mostly, it is because the brands affect their image and status making them feels special in society.

This is all concerned with the psychology of buying. To understand it better, let us look at more reasons why people purchase staff.

Emotion reasons

Many situations in life may cause emotional problems for different people. For example, someone will go shopping when they are angry or when they are happy. Women in general love to shop when they are going through an emotional crisis.

There are quite some ways to handle these situations, and shopping has been proving to be one of them, someone will buy something merely to escape bad moods.

There are those for example which will buy expensive cars not because they need them but to achieve a certain status in society. Some buy brands just to attract attention, to be seen that they have it.

Others buy a particular type of clothes for instance because they want to appeal to the opposite sex. These show that many people buy for emotional needs and not any other reason, which explains why they will even risk high amounts of loans.

They want to be

Advertisements have a way of getting into the minds of many people. A certain celebrity for example may be used to advertise a certain type of cloth in which they appear so calm. Someone else will buy the same product because they want to be as cold as the advert.

The ads give people a way to associate with specific brands without even realizing it. They think the product will bring them closer to the personality of the person in the ads.

Following the crowd

Social Proof Theory states that things become more attractive when others desire them. We want to buy something just because other people are also buying it. This is why people will buy things they don’t even need because they perceive them as attractive.


It is not easy to understand why people buy things but you can have a general idea based on the above idea. There are other reasons like- because they like the seller or as a means to reach their goals- it is all about understanding your need. The bottom line is, people, buy a lot and sellers sell a lot!

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