The Recipe of a Great Direct Mail Campaign

July 09, 2018 3 min read

The Recipe of a Great Direct Mail Campaign

The Recipe of a Great Direct Mail Campaign

Getting the right ingredients can make all the difference for your direct mail campaign. This is whether you are an expert or just trying it for the first time. The following are the key things you should put your investment into.

You must have a targeted, updated mailing list

There is one big mistake that is common among all marketers- assuming that along mailing list is a great mailing list. As much as having a long mailing list is not a bad thing, it is important you put into consideration that benefits your list is bringing you.

The two most important words to describe a mailing are targeted and up-to-date. If you have these two, there is nothing that will stop you from seeing great success in your campaign. Avoid generalizing your emails. You want to have a list that has leads you know might turn into a buyer at the end sales cycle.

Have a regular update for your list. This means you must remove those contacts that have been dormant for a day more than a month. As you do that, you will have to find new names and fill the gaps. In fact, this is the main ingredient of a great mail campaign.

The headline should be succinct and relevant

The people you are sending the emails to are probably very busy, and they may not even get the time to read your mail. Some of them take very little time to peruse through the mails they have received. If they are going to read your mail, they will take a few seconds to go through the headline, and that is all the time you have.

The secret is to ensure that you have put those few minutes to the best use. Do not be in a hurry to come up with your headline. If you are more creative, paint the picture through those few words and let the reader see the sense of reading the rest of the mail.

As you do these, however, be very careful not to stray far away from the main idea. Your headline has to be of relevance. It will not make sense to the reader if you write a headline that is opposite to the kind of business you or they do. Relevance should always be your number one indicator of success.

The offer you give should be valuable and easy

Do not limit your imagination to the offer you are giving your client. You can decide for example to offer them a discount or a free trial, etc. Do not be too overwhelmed to want to provide them with what you may fail to honor.

A call to action that is clear

You want to ensure that you are making it as easy as possible for the prospect to do business with you. Do not let them keep guessing what they are supposed to. Make it clear the process they need to follow to accept the offer.

Lastly, your direct mail campaign will not end well without a follow-up mailing. This is the recipe you need to follow for a successful campaign.

A big thank you goes out to CBD Life Mag who provided us with some sample data from their marketing campaigns as a basis for this article.

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