These Are The Three Things You Need To Create The Perfect Email Campaign

July 09, 2018 3 min read

These Are The Three Things You Need To Create The Perfect Email Campaign

These Are The Three Things You Need To Create The Perfect Email Campaign

Are you looking for a marketing campaign that offers you’re a high ROI? Email marketing is the answer you are looking for. Though many people may argue that emails are not as good as social media and other channels, the truth is the other way. Email marketing has been proved to get the best out of your marketing campaign.

The metrics that you use to measure your success will tell all about the method you are using. This means that all the necessities you are supposed to put in your campaign should be achieved.

Today, it is not about having a long list of email contacts but rather about being able to convert those leads into sales. You might have been wondering why the click-through rates and response rates are very low. It is probably because your email campaign is not taking the right path.

Building an email campaign is not as easy as it may sound and appear. It is more technical and requires that one puts in everything possible to achieve success. It is like building a house. You start by compiling material together so that you don’t get stuck. In the same way, you will need the following to create a perfect email campaign

A subscriber list

The first and most essential thing for an email campaign is the subscriber list. Remember, the trick is to keep adding more people to your list. Even if you list is long already, you need to ensure you have a perfect plan to add more people to it.

This is actually one of the easiest steps in your sales funnel. All you may need is a sign-up feature on your website.  In fact, you need to fit you’re your subscription forms everywhere you think they will have an impact on your customers.

There are other more traditional ways of building your list, and that could perhaps be your gateway. For example, you can have people manually fill in forms at the industry conference or any other event.

Encourage replies from your readers

The only way to know that your subscribers are actually part of your campaign is if they can reply to your emails. It is not enough to just open the email or click through them; it is better if the reply to it.

To do this, start by using an irresistible subject line that speaks directly to the recipient- promise them something they will not resist. Use a distinctive, entertaining voice and apply targeted content.

Make it personal

Thirdly and finally, ensure you have made the emails more people. Stop generalized ideas as people feel that you are not giving them any attention. It is about them and not about you make it so. Before you start sending emails, ensure that you know your customer first. In your introduction, use their names.

The three approaches given above are just part of a long list of thing you need. If you take your time and measure your success, you have a better chance of success.

A Massive thank you goes to Vape Life Mag who have helped us to prepare this article by providing us with some statistics from their email marketing campaigns.

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