Tips For Personalizing An Email Marketing Campaign

July 09, 2018 2 min read

Tips For Personalizing An Email Marketing Campaign

Tips For Personalizing An Email Marketing Campaign

Have you been straggling with ways to make your newsletter easily noticeable?  Then the solution you are looking for is a personalized email campaign. They have been proved to improve click-through rates.

The only problem that most people face is that they don’t know how to personalize email campaigns. If you are one of them, you have no reason to worry anymore. The tips below have been well summarized to help you.

Start by segmenting your email lists

It is good to have long lists of emails, but it is not good to just leave them like that. Ensure your list is segmented, and this is the foundation of a personalized email campaign. You do this by collecting relevant data about your leads and place them into different segments. Use data like geography, interests in the products, content download and so on.

Do not generalize their emails-know them by name

When you start writing your emails, do not make a mistake of sending emails with general info. Instead, talk to your customer by name. This shows that whatever you are going to tell them is specifically for them. Everyone likes to be treated special, and your customers more than anything else need that.

Use behavior triggers

You need to send emails based on the behavior of the customer. This is important in following up of the ales journey of the customer. You keep track of everything that is happening along the way. It is a good way to bring back on board customers who may have fallen back along the way. There is a lot of software on the market that can help you achieve this.

Create some standards

It is important that you find the most original way to reach out to your customer. This is where you will need to be very creative. You can use things like birthday greetings to make the emails even more personalized.

Offer them advice on how to put the product to better use

For this, you will need to understand your products inside out. You will also need to understand the customer and their needs. Do not assume that they know everything about the product.

Even after they have bought, keep in touch with them and offer them tips for using the product. This creates confidence in you. The will understand you care about them.

Know the right time to reach out

One of the major mistakes marketers make does not know the right time to reach out to their leads. The first conduct should not be pushed too far. As soon as the lead comes in, get your sales team to start working on it.

The trick is having all the data at hand. It will enable you to send the mail at the appropriate time.

Suggest to them other relevant products

Engage your customers by directing them to the right product that is relevant to their needs. Apart from this, keep track of their purchasing journey.

Now that you have everything set, you should have many problems personalizing your campaign.

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