A COMPLETE List of Bipolar Disorder Blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

June 14, 2019 9 min read

A COMPLETE List of bipolar disorder blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging wallpaper

Here is our personal our top bipolar disorder blogs websites for publishing your articles

Name Website
Hope And Harmony For People With Bipolar http://www.bphope.com/blog/
Bipolar Burble - Natasha Tracy http://natashatracy.com/topic/bipolar-blog/
Psych Central - Bipolar Beat https://blogs.psychcentral.com/bipolar/
HealthyPlace - Breaking Bipolar https://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/breakingbipolar/
Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - A home for bipolars and loved ones who need support http://bipolarhotmess.com/
Reddit - Bipolar Disorder https://www.reddit.com/r/BipolarReddit/
Bipolar Survivor - Get An Inside Look At What Its Like To Have Bipolar Disorder. http://www.bipolarcentral.com/bipolarsurvivorblog/
Bipolar Advantage - Creating Better Results Than Anyone https://www.bipolaradvantage.com/blog/
David Oliver - Bipolar Supporter Blog http://www.bipolarsupporter.com/bipolarsupporterblog/
Bipolar News From Medical News Today http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/categories/bipolar
Bipolar 1 Disorder, Lithium, Mania, Depression, Hypomania. https://bipolar1blog.com/
Disability Today - Disability News - Bipolar Disorder http://www.disabilitytoday.co.uk/category/bipolar-disorder/
purplepersuasion - Mental health blog by a service user with bipolar disorder. https://purplepersuasion.wordpress.com/
Michelle Clark - Bipolar Bandit https://bipolarbandit.wordpress.com/
Life – be IN it! - Living above the blue line https://dannyka6.wordpress.com/
Joel Sax - Pax Nortona http://www.notfrisco2.com/paxnortona/
Being Lydia - Life Rich In Faith,Bipolar,Chronic Pain,Creativity And Purple https://beinglydia.com/
The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive https://thesecretlifeofamanicdepressive.wordpress.com/
Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses https://tessacandoit.com/
Deborah - Suddenly Bipolar https://suddenlybipolar.wordpress.com/
The Bipolar Compass - It's OK to feel lost every once in a while https://bipolarcompass.com/
Revenge of Eve Blog https://revengeofeveforeveranonymous.wordpress.com/
H2H - Mental Health Blog https://halfway2hannah.com/
Living With The Unseen https://livingwiththeunseen.blog/
Jennifer Marshall https://www.jennifermarshall.me/blog/
Rethinking Bipolar https://rethinkingbipolar.com/
CREST.BD - New directions in bipolar disorder research, treatment and care http://www.crestbd.ca/blog/
Dyane Harwood - Birth of a New Brain https://proudlybipolar.wordpress.com/
Be Your Own Light - A Mental Health Recovery Blog https://beurownlight.com/
Dave Wise Matters http://davewisematters.com/
Walker Center - Addiction and Bipolar Disorder http://www.thewalkercenter.org/blog/
Illuminating Self-Growth & Bipolar Disorder https://thesunnyshadow.com/
That bipolar feel when... http://thatbipolarfeelwhen.tumblr.com/
BIPOLAR INDIA - Let's Walk Together http://www.bipolarindia.com/
Mehri Coulter - Bringing Order to Bipolar Disorder https://sobipolar.com/blog/
DBSAlliance - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DBSAlliance/videos
Bipolar On Fire - Living my life on the edge https://bipolaronfire.com/
Cole Coaching - Chris Cole - Life coaching for bipolar disorder http://colecoaching.com/blog/
Bradley - Insights From A Bipolar Bear http://www.insightsbipolarbear.com/
Bipolar Me - My Experience Only. https://bipolarjan.wordpress.com/
AskMeImBipolar http://www.askmeimbipolar.com/blog-latest-posts/
Bipolar And Successful - The Positives Of Being Bipolar http://bipolarandsuccessful.blogspot.com/
Neurochemically Challenged - Coping with severe mental illness https://neurochemicallychallenged.com/
A Mind Divided - Artful, Conscious Living with Bipolar Disorder https://aminddivided.com/
The Bipolar Parent - Raising Kids While Mentally Ill https://cassandrastout.wordpress.com/bpparent/
Aware - Bipolar - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/IrelandAware/videos
My Loud Bipolar Whispers - Journey with Bipolar 1 https://myloudbipolarwhispers.com/
NicoleForReal - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/BipolarStateofBeing/videos
bipolarorwakingup - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/bipolarorwakingup/videos
RosieSmrtiePants - Telling it Like it Is https://rosiesmrtiepants.wordpress.com/
Bipolar 1 Survivor – Information to Help You Thrive http://www.bipolar1survivor.com/
Bipolar Whispers https://bipolarwhispers.wordpress.com/
Bipolar For Life - Memoirs of a Wounded Healer https://bipolarforlife.me/
BipolarBrave - Because I am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made https://bipolarbrave.com/
Redefining Bipolar - Academic. Supportive. Personal. http://www.redefiningbipolar.org/
Lit with Fire http://litwithfire.com/
martinupfold - Living With Bipolar And Depression https://martinupfold.wordpress.com/
Enter Bipolar https://enterbipolar.com/
The Bipolar Mama | Mental Illness meets Life in between https://thebipolarmama.com/
Pretending to be What We Are http://pretendingtobewhatweare.com/category/blog/
The Scarlet B - Wearing My Letter With Pride http://www.thescarletb.com/
Bipolar survivor - I am surviving mental illness one day at a time. https://bipolarsurvivorsite.wordpress.com/
Bipolar Strength - Rebel WITH A Cause https://bipolarbrainiac.wordpress.com/
Emily Glossner Johnson's Blog http://emilyglossnerjohnson.blogspot.com/
Our Lived Experience - Bipolar Disorder In South Africa https://ourlivedexperience.wordpress.com/
Your Power of Reason https://yourpowerofreason.com/articles/
Julie Whitehead - Day by Day https://julielwhitehead.wordpress.com/
The Bipolar Blogger Network - Read Along http://www.bipolarbloggernetwork.com/category/read-along/
Bipolar, Employed & STILL Lost https://insideabipolarhead.wordpress.com/
Winning with Bipolar - My Bipolar Life https://winningwithbipolar.com/
Life Conquering Blog http://lifeconquering.org/
Her Pineapple Story https://www.herpineapplestory.com/
This Girl's Got Curves https://thisgirlsgotcurves.wordpress.com/
Jodi Lee - My Side of the Pole https://mysideofthepole.com/
Alyniece Siemion - Baby, It's Bipolar http://babyitsbipolar.blogspot.com/
That bipolar feel http://reallybipolar.tumblr.com/
Mentally Here or There https://mentallyhereorthere.wordpress.com/
bpnurse - I Hate Being Bipolar. It's AWESOME! https://bpnurse.com/
2 BIPOLAR http://twobipolar.tumblr.com/
Grace - Bipolar Life https://learningtobebipolar.wordpress.com/


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A COMPLETE List of bipolar disorder blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

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A COMPLETE List of bipolar disorder blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

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