UPDATED List of Father Blogs and Sites that Accept Guest Posts

July 24, 2019 9 min read

UPDATED List of Father Blogs and Sites that Accept Guest Posts wallpaper

We bring you our personal our very own top father blogs websites for guest blogging

Name Website
National Fatherhood Initiative - Fathering Tips and Resources Blog http://www.fatherhood.org/fatherhood
The Dad Network http://thedadnetwork.co.uk
City Dads Group - Navigating Fatherhood Together https://citydadsgroup.com/blog/
Reddit - Daddit https://www.reddit.com/r/daddit/
Lunchbox Dad http://www.lunchboxdad.com/
Diary of the Dad - An award-winning UK dad blog http://www.diaryofthedad.co.uk/
The Good Dad Project Blog https://gooddadproject.com/the-good-dad-project-blog/
The DADventurer - UK Dad Blog https://thedadventurer.com/
Dad Blog UK http://dadbloguk.com/
GeekDad - Raising Geek Generation 2.0 https://geekdad.com/
The Single Dad's Guide to Life https://singledadsguidetolife.com/
Gay NYC Dad http://www.gaynycdad.com/
Days of a Domestic Dad http://daysofadomesticdad.com/
Dad With A Pan - The Food Blog For Easy Family Meals http://dadwithapan.com/blog/
HighTechDad - ...where technology and fatherhood collide https://www.hightechdad.com/
Traveling Dad http://travelingdad.com/
Life of Dad https://www.lifeofdad.com/
DIY Daddy - Parenting, DIY and More http://www.diydaddyblog.com/
DaddiLife - A Parenting Website for Dads https://daddilife.com/
GoFatherhood - Single Dad Under Construction https://gofatherhood.com/
CaseyPalmer.com http://caseypalmer.com/
Dad 2.0 Summit - An Open Conversation Between Dads, Media, and Marketers http://www.dad2summit.com/blog/
Dad or Alive http://dadoralive.com/
The Mediocre Dad https://www.themediocredad.com/
Dad and Buried http://dadandburied.com/
That Dad Blog http://thatdadblog.com/
Woke Daddy http://wokedaddy.com/
Mr. Dad https://mrdad.com/
The Dad Website http://thedadwebsite.com/
Going Dad http://www.going-dad.com/
SocialDad.ca https://www.socialdad.ca/
Daddy Mojo http://www.daddymojo.net/
Diabetes Dad by Tom Karlya http://diabetesdad.org/
Daddy's Grounded https://daddysgrounded.com/
Slouching towards Thatcham - One dad, three kids and a blog https://slouchingtowardsthatcham.com/
Blog of Dad - The Australian Dad Blog http://blogofdad.com/
Swaggerdad Blog https://www.swaggerdad.com/
Father Fitness http://www.fatherfitness.co.uk/
The Rookie Dad http://www.therookiedad.com/
YOU THE DADDY http://youthedaddy.co.uk/
Sorry Son: Chronicles of a New Dad https://chroniclesofanewdad.com/
Corporate Dad UK Parenting Blog http://www.corporatedad.co.uk/
InstaFather Blog - What new dads need to know http://www.instafather.com/dad-blog/
Daddacool - 'Britain's premier parent blogger' Sunday TImes http://www.daddacool.co.uk/
Inside Martyn's Thoughts - Parenting, Home Education and Lifestyle Blog http://www.insidemartynsthoughts.com/
One Hull of a Dad http://www.onehullofadad.co.uk/
Fighting Dads https://www.fightingdads.com/
One Dad One Blog http://onedadoneblog.com/
Canadian Dad A Canadian Parenting website from a Dad's Point of View https://canadiandad.com/
The Thrifty Dad http://thethriftydad.com/
Dad-O-Matic http://dadomatic.com/
The Yorkshire Dad http://www.yorkshiredad.co.uk/
Music, Football and Fatherhood https://musicfootballfatherhood.com/category/fatherhood/
LadBaby http://www.ladbaby.com/
St. Louis Dad - A blog about fatherhood in St. Louis http://stlouisdad.com/s/
The Good-Bad Dad http://goodbaddad.com/
DadTribe - All things dad http://dadtribe.in/
DannyUK - The Bearded Blogger http://dannyuk.com/
A DAY IN THE LIFE DAD Blog http://www.adayinthelifedad.com/blog/
Isablog - Journey of a New Father Suffering with Depression. https://isablog.co.uk/
UNLIKELY DAD Blog http://www.theunlikelydad.com/blog/
Reno Dads - Being a dad in the Biggest Little City https://renodadsblog.com/
Dadzooka https://dadzooka.com/
Father-Hood.co.uk https://father-hood.co.uk/
Blog Daddy Of 4 https://blogdaddyof4.com.au/
Sunshine Dad - The Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad http://sunshinedad.com/
Hi Blog! I'm Dad. https://hiblogimdad.com/
thatawaydad http://thatawaydad.com/
Dads Pad https://dadspadblog.com/
Dad Central Ontario - Things Dads Do Fatherhood Matters https://thingsdadsdo.wordpress.com/
Dads Dollars Debts https://www.dadsdollarsdebts.com/
THE DAD BLOGGER - Mental and physical health for the man behind the Dad http://thedadblogger.co.uk/
Fathers Network Scotland Building a father-friendly world http://www.fathersnetwork.org.uk/blog
Dad's Awesome Life https://dadsawesome.life/
Best Dad On The Internet http://bestdadontheinternet.com/dad-advice/
DadvWorld - Taking on the world as a Dad http://dadvworld.com/
The Non-Custodial Father https://thenoncustodialfather.wordpress.com/
Nick Stockton https://nickstockton.blogspot.com/
This Is Fatherhood Blog On fatherhood and being a Dad https://thisisfatherhood.blog/blog/
Super Fit Dad Blog http://superfitdad.com.au/blog/
Fatherhood - Henry's Blog - Another UK Dad Blog http://www.henrysblog.co.uk/
Duhdad3's Blog https://duhdad3.wordpress.com/
Dad Goes Round - Fatherhood - Kids - Current Affairs http://dadgoesround.com/
The DAD Book - Dedicated to Dads http://thedadbook.co.za/the-dad-blog/large-image/thedadblog/
Faith For Fathers https://faithforfathers.org/blog/
Dad who blogs - UK dad blogger, father, husband (Not in that order) http://dadwhoblogs.co.uk/
The Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy https://www.singledad.co.nz/blog/
Daddy's on Duty http://daddysonduty.com/
Marty Rogers http://www.martyrogers.co.uk/
Dads-Unite http://dadsunite.weebly.com/
The Unfit Father - One Man's Journey Into Fatherhood http://theunfitfather.com/
Fit Dad Fitness Blog https://fitdadfitness.com/blog/
Entrepreneur Dad https://entrepreneurdad.org/
Dads Patch https://dadspatch.com/
Dadding Badly true tales of a first-time father https://daddingbadly.com/
Saving Fatherhood Blog https://savingfatherhood.org/blog/
Real Dads Read https://www.realdadsread.org/blog
A Forgotten father https://forgottenfatherblog.wordpress.com/
Spokane Fatherhood Initiative A Call to the Church to Take Action http://spofi.org/blog/
Fathers' Forum - Online Resource For New and Expectant Dads http://www.fathersforum.com/
Dads Life Blog http://www.dadslifeblog.com/
The Dad Tax https://thedadtax.com/
Real Food by Dad http://realfoodbydad.com/blog/
American Dad - To Honor Fathers https://americandadweb.wordpress.com/
Dads Done It https://dadsdoneit.co.uk/
Scantily Dad http://scantilydad.com/
Man vs. Pink http://manvspink.com/
Daddy Blogger http://daddyblogger.com/
Looking for the Postman http://www.lookingforthepostman.com/
D.A.D - The online magazine for dads http://www.d-a-d.co.uk/
Dad That Blogs Musings of a Stay Home Dad http://www.dadthatblogs.com/
Culture of Dad - Blog & Articles https://cultureofdad.com/blog-articles/
The Fatherhood Project - Connecting fathers and children http://www.thefatherhoodproject.org/blog/
Ah dad… - I need the funny because they're teenagers now https://ahdad.com/

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UPDATED List of father blogs and Sites that Accept Guest Posts

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UPDATED List of father blogs and Sites that Accept Guest Posts

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