UPDATED List of Productivity-Blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

July 20, 2019 8 min read

UPDATED List of Productivity-Blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging wallpaper

Below is our very own top productivity-blogs blogs for submitting your guest post

Name Website
Think Productive Blog https://thinkproductive.co.uk/blog/
Kim Sutton - Positive Productivity Podcast https://thekimsutton.com/podcast/
The Productivity Blog By i4cp (HRM ) https://www.i4cp.com/
Productivity Theory By Kayla Matthews https://productivitytheory.com/
The Productivity Pro By Laura Stack http://theproductivitypro.com/blog/
Whole Life Productivity By LJ Earnest http://wholelifeproductivity.com/
Asian Efficiency Blog http://www.asianefficiency.com/blog/
Productivity - Reddit Blog https://www.reddit.com/r/productivity/
Productivity - Trello Blog http://blog.trello.com/category/productivity/
Productivity Tools - Doodle Blog https://en.blog.doodle.com/tag/productivity-tools/
Productivity - The Official Microsoft Blog https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/tag/productivity/
Productivity - Dropbox Business Blog https://blogs.dropbox.com/business/tag/productivity/
Buffer - Productivity Blog By Buffer Open https://open.buffer.com/category/productivity/
Productivity - Wrike Blog https://www.wrike.com/blog/category/productivity/
Workplace Productivity - Rescue Time Blog https://blog.rescuetime.com/category/workplace-productivity/
The Front Blog — Email, Customer Support and Startups Blog https://frontapp.com/blog/
Personal Productivity Blog By Redbooth https://redbooth.com/topic/personal-productivity
TimeCamp https://www.timecamp.com/blog/
Freedom Matters https://freedom.to/blog/
Productivity - Pick the Brain Blog http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/category/productivity/
Hive https://hive.com/blog/
Productivity Blog By Michael Hyatt https://michaelhyatt.com/category/main/productivity/
TMetric Blog https://blog.tmetric.com/
Marc and Angel Hack Life Blog http://www.marcandangel.com/
Canvas - Mobile Business Apps and Forms on Android, iPad, iPhone https://www.gocanvas.com/content/blog/
Facile Things Blog https://facilethings.com/blog
Brightpod Blog http://www.brightpod.com/blog/
Getting Things Done By David Allen https://gettingthingsdone.com/gtd-times/
Hiver Blog https://hiverhq.com/blog/
Productivity - Jell Blog https://jell.com/blog/tag/productivity/
Paul Minors Blog https://paulminors.com/blog/
Productive Flourishing By Charlie Gilkey https://www.productiveflourishing.com/blog/
Productivity Blog By Priority Matrix https://appfluence.com/productivity/
Money Mini Blog By Kalen Bruce https://moneyminiblog.com/
A Life of Productivity By Chris Bailey https://alifeofproductivity.com/
Productivity - Cool Cat Teacher Blog https://www.coolcatteacher.com/category/productivity/
Productivity - Focus Booster Blog https://www.focusboosterapp.com/blog/tag/productivity/
Emergenetics International Blog https://www.emergenetics.com/blog/
Productivity - Timeneye Blog http://blog.timeneye.com/category/productivity/
Futuramo Blog - Team Collaboration, Work Effectiveness & Creativity Tips https://futuramo.com/blog
Productivity501 by Mark Shead http://www.productivity501.com/
Productive Muslim's Blog https://productivemuslim.com/category/spiritual-productivity/
99U - Empowering the Creative Community http://99u.com/
Productivity Blog By Vanaia http://productivity-blog.vanaia.com/
Passionate Productivity By Michael Sliwinski https://sliwinski.com/
Productivity - LiveClinic Blog http://liveclinic.com/blog/category/productivity/
Happy Melly Blog https://www.happymelly.com/blog/
Top Results Caching By Kirstin O'Donovan https://topresultscoaching.com/blog/
Jo Bendle Blog https://jobendle.com/blog-2/
The Productivity Blog By Ciara Conlon http://www.ciaraconlon.com/blog-2/
Coach Bru By John Brubaker https://coachbru.com/blog/
Lifehacker India Blog http://www.lifehacker.co.in/productivity
Time Zillionaire - Blog https://www.timezillionaire.com/blog/
The Productivity Experts Blog https://theproductivityexperts.com/blog/
101Productivity https://101productivity.com/
Productivity - Carson Tate Blog http://www.carsontate.com/blog/category/productivity/
GO Productivity https://goproductivity.ca/blog/
Productivity - Excellence In Retail Blog http://cottoncandyfshn.com/category/productivity/
Productivity Blog By Aerlie Wildy https://www.aerliewildy.com/productivity-blog/
I Want To Be Productive https://iwanttobeproductive.com/
Two Minute Rule, a Productivity Blog https://twominuterule.com/
Productivity - Brewster Academy Blog https://brewsteracademyblogs.org/category/ba-tech/productivity/
Max Productivity Blog By PCWorld https://www.pcworld.com/column/max-productivity/
Grace Marshall Blog https://grace-marshall.com/blog/
Institute of Productivity Blog By John Heap http://www.instituteofproductivity.com/page-18060
Simplify Your Why https://simplifyyourwhy.com/blog/
I Done This Blog http://blog.idonethis.com/
Productivity Hub by Debbie Eglin https://www.productivityhub.com.au/blog/
Productive Day Blog By Leslie Shreve http://productiveday.com/category/leslies-blog/
Be More Effective Blog https://www.bemoreeffective.com/blog/
Frank Buck Consulting - Blog https://www.frankbuck.org/blog-posts/
Susan Rose Productivity Coaching Blog https://www.susanrosecoaching.com/blog/
To Be Productive By Shirley Fine Lee http://2bproductive.blogspot.com/
OAKFLOW https://oakflow.com/blog/
Boost Productivity Blog By Fiona Anderson http://www.valuingyou.co.uk/#!blog/juswi
Productivity for Scientists by Olga Degtyareva, PhD http://www.olgadegtyareva.com/
The Effici Productivity Blog https://effici.co.uk/productivity-blog-maximize-productivity/
Productivity - Kairosive Blog http://www.kairosive.net/tag/productivity/
Tablet Productive By Dean Duke https://tabletproductive.com/
Pajama Productivity by Annie Sisk http://pajamaproductivity.com/
Document Productivity By Martin Coomber http://documentproductivity.blogspot.in/
Skyrocket Your Productivity Blog By Primoz http://www.skyrocketyourproductivity.com/blog/
Focus Business Support Inc. Blog https://www.focusbusinesssupport.ca/blog/
Productivity Tips - The Last Pass Blog https://blog.lastpass.com/category/productivity-tips/
Paris Love Productivity Institute https://parisloveinstitute.com/blog/
Work less, Live More Blog by Marc http://officeproductivityblog.com/
Productivity - LD Blog https://www.ldproducts.com/blog/category/productivity/
Productivity - Berlin And Other Stories http://berlinandotherstories.com/tag/productivity/
Resultize https://resultize.com/
Productivity - Inspirational Blog About Success http://anubhavsrivastava.com/category/productivity/
The Productive Physician https://productivephysician.com/
Wave Productivity Blog http://waveproductivity.com/blog/
Productivity Tools - MyCase Blog http://www.mycase.com/blog/category/productivity-tools/
Logical Doc Blog https://blog.logicaldoc.com/
Steve Pavlina https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/
Suite Minute By Peggy Duncan https://suiteminute.com/
ScribblePost Blog http://blog.scribblepost.com/
Read Write Work http://www.readwritework.com/
Ultimate Productivity Blog By Jim Stovall http://www.ultimateproductivity.com/ww-blog/


Download the Best List of virtually all productivity-blogs and Websites for Guest Posting

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Here's Why You Really should Never Download A Pre-Made List of All productivity-blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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UPDATED List of productivity-blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

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Before we get into the details, allow us use a moment to talk about ways in which you can employ our broken backlink finder software for making authority links for your online site. Let's presume that https://www.shape.com/ published an article about a clothing label and it has a link to www.katiesboutique.com. Let us now suppose Katie's Boutique goes into liquidation and the domain https://katiesboutique.com is dropped. The backlink on the above authority site will definitely still exist. Nevertheless, it will lead to a non-existing internet site. Now if we acquire katiesboutique.com domain name and create a 301 permanent route to our web page laurasboutique.com, the backlink juice from the above top fashion magazine website will pass to https://laurasboutique.com and increase its search engine organic rankings, Search Engine Optimisation, domain authority and trust flow. What we have just gone over is a really prevalent back link building approach to gain the very best quality links for internet sites.

In addition to making it possible for you to locate guest posting opportunities, our revolutionary software application will allow you to scrape your own list of authority internet sites, news sites and journals including http://thesun.co.uk/ and many others for broken back links. Popular authority websites will have 1000s if not millions of web pages and again, you will have the capacity to apply url and content filtration system to target pages that relate to your niche.

Once you have located broken back links with non-resolving domains, you will have the chance to acquire these domain names from well-known domain name registrar web sites like https://www.123-reg.co.uk and create 301 redirects (permanent) to them. This is going to funnel the backlink juice from the famous web sites to your online site and improve your online search engine rankings and site SEO.

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UPDATED List of productivity-blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

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UPDATED List of productivity-blogs and Websites that Allow Guest Blogging

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