Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

March 19, 2019 4 min read

Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

People have always tried to get rid of inhibitions in certain moments of their lives. It is common to see lots of guests in a party or reunion sipping a glass of wine or beer according to their preferences; this is usually done with the main purpose of being less timid and, therefore, more eager to experiment new things. But alcohol, socially admitted drug, brings its consequences after all; the usual hangover, some memory issues that do not allow you to recall everything about the pleasant night you were supposed to have –especially if sex was part of the ride.

So the question arises: Is there any other possibility to enhance our sex lives without including alcohol in the formula? Nowadays, there are strong comments all over the world, mostly around women, of the use of hemp or cannabis related products, for instance CBD oil, to enhance and unleash any sort of inhibitions at the moment of having sex. Although the amount of women reporting the benefits of Cannabidiol in the aftermath of a sexual encounter is quite small, the use of this no psychoactive element found in marijuana or hemp. The mouth-to-mouth information from female users indicates better sense of relax, no hangover effect, no memory issues, and no vagina dryness. They also comment that their sleep time after sex is much better and tight than those moments when alcohol was used.

As stated above, the usage of CBD is very restricted as the amount of people confirming the usage of this substance for sex pleasure purposes does not reach 94 percent of people, according to an interview made effective by the member of the website Remedy Review. This poll also revealed that only 68% of the interviewed people have admitted to use CBD in order to increase their sexual performance during intercourse. It is also important to remark that this survey was done with a limited amount of participants, most of them women which reaffirms the fact that the majority of CBD users are placed among women.

The lack of truly valuable data about the sexual enhancement related to marijuana or mostly to hemp is due to the recent arrival of this substance in the market and, therefore, there are no enough scientific information to support people’s commentaries, limiting the recollected data to the field of mere anecdotes and personal references. Lots of work has to be done to get enough proofs of the effect of CBD in sex intercourse.

However; there is no big trouble to use CBD (on those areas where it is permitted), according to the experts’ suggestions, to enhance your sex life and other characteristics of your well-being. However, there are several aspects you would like to know before using CBD for health or sexual improvement.

First of all, you have to know that the pressure of providing satisfaction to your sex partner is more common than you would ever suspect. This performance anxiety can bring your sex life to a total halt, since the stress of satisfying your significant other in bed is most of the time pretty high. If this is the case, some physicians recommend the usage of CBD to decrease those levels of anxiety while having sex. To stop these mood-killing ideas, the relaxing effects of cannabidiol in the organism are the trigger to enjoy sex time with no worries at all. Those effects start with the reduction of any negative consideration regarded to appearance or sexual performance. With this diminishing self-conscious of your image, you feel more relax and, thus, you and your partner will enjoy the moment greatly.

How can this happen? The explanation lies in the way CBD works in the human body. The substance is perceived by the organism’s endocannabinoid system – a complex group of receptors in charge of the regulation of the nervous system, immune system and organs. When these receptors are active, the effect obtained is a high level of anti-anxiety in any sort of circumstances. This effect enhances greater when CBD is added to the process of the endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, the combination of those receptors in the endocannabinoid system with CBD generates a reduction in pain felt in different parts of the body; especially in women suffering from vagina dryness or irritation in that part of the body.

Although the collected information is exclusively linked to women, the usage of CBD in men is also beneficial, mostly in cases of dysfunctional erection. One of the caused effects of this substance in the body is the enhancement of blood flow and nerve sensation, creating consequently a better sensation while performing sex.

Now, it is important to recall that most of the mentioned above is simply information spread by street comments and most of doctors recommended for the proved effects in relaxing effects brought by CBD; more studies need to be done to establish the truly consequences of CBD in the organism in sexual performance.

Moreover, you also have to take into account that no all bodies respond to CBD in the same way, especially if body mass index and sex are taken into consideration for the amount of doses required for an increment of the sexual respond and disinhibition. For instance, there have been certain information of an increment in a person’s libido but it can be counterproductive in other people.

Another factor to be considered is the doses that are supposed to be taken. Most of the packages of CBD bring the recommended dose to be consume by the user; but if it is going to be the first time that you are going to take this substance, it is totally advisable to consult with a doctor or an experienced worker at a dispensary in order to obtain a recommendation according to your needs and your body characteristics.

In conclusion, there is lot of data to be collected to know more about the effects of this substance in people’s sex drive; but the evidence provided by users’ experiences is giving CBD a prominent place in the sex performance area.

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