How to Start an Online CBD and Hemp Shop

March 19, 2019 5 min read

How to Start an Online CBD and Hemp Shop

How to Start an Online CBD and Hemp Shop

In recent years there has been an increase of business related to products derived from hemp, especially those associated with CBD (Cannabidiol). It could be a trend in the business, but it has proved to be successful in the “green” market. Information about this sort of business is flooding the Internet on a daily basis, so there is a captive audience for any sort of products that are made from Hemp.

One of the big issues is the usual association of cannabis with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive element of the plant, and therefore this substance is always linked to drug consumption and addiction. But business people and consumers are equally aware of the benefits cannabis can bring, especially for the content of CBD which has been proved beneficial to health and well-being.

In the market, the best-selling CBD product in the one associated with Hemp, due to the low content of THC in this cannabis plant. The usage of this plant is not limited to the extraction of CBD; it can be also used to create clothes, make paper, and even material for building construction. But the most business generator of this plant is the extraction of cannabidiol, especially among those people with the true desire to be involved in the green market without being involved with the prohibition and legal issues associated with Marijuana, family of hemp and another sort of CBD, but with a high content of THC.

Just in the United States, the business related to Hemp-extracted CBD is expected to reach the amount of $ 1.8 billion by the year 2020. The annual rate in the growth of Hemp-extracted CBD is actually 53 percent, so there are a lot of opportunities to get involved in this growing business. As it is usual for every sort of business, getting involved in the CBD derived from Hemp market requires a well-crafted plan to be successful in this area.

To achieve the success in the CBD competitive market, the following recommendations:

  1. Have a clear understanding of what CBD is, all the legal implications of working with the substance be prepared to comply with the existent regulations about it. All production of Hemp-related CBD has to be done using industrial hemp; this cannot be a home-made business since the level of THC demanded by the US Government should not exceed 0.3%. If the CBD is extracted from Marijuana is pretty clear that the allowed percentage is going to be exceeded; so that is why Hemp is highly recommendable if you want to be involved in this sort of business. To start an online CBD business, there are some steps that need to be covered:
  2. Obtain all the necessary incorporation and business licenses and registrations for this new venture.
  3. Gather and establish all the knowledge you can have about the cannabis plant and the importance of CBD.
  4. Have the certainty that all products made in your business are coming from Hemp, important fact if you happen to be in a state where Marijuana is forbidden.
  5. Be very clear with your possible customers about your company policies, as well as the packaging and the recommended dose of your product.
  6. Never forget to follow all regulations related with this sort of business

Implying that your Hemp-extracted CBD is a healthy and it will help customers to alleviate any sort of illness would imply the involvement of the FDA, in the United States for instance, since there is no enough proof to certify the health benefits brought by CBD. Consult with a lawyer involved in this sort of business before producing and promoting your creations.

  1. Have in mind a truly solid plan to ensure your business runs smoothly. With such a business plan is very easy to attract possible investors or financing from any bank or investment firm. Nowadays elaborating a business plan is a truly easy task to perform. Thanks to the widespread of Internet, information related to business plans are at one’s hand reach and it is essential to the whole process of creating any kind of business.

There are several factors essential to elaborating such plan, such as:

  1. Be clear about the products and services your business is going to provide. It is not the same if your company is going to be involved in the Health area or in the Beauty Department; plans can share similar aspects, but some other areas will differ – like promotion and marketing for example.
  2. A good market and customer analysis should be performed once the scope of the business has been selected.
  3. Ways of financing have to be well established before starting any operation within the company.
  4. Once the product and the financing are already chosen, there is the urge to establish the marketing plan in order to sell the product properly.
  5. It is also important to know how your CBD product is going to be exposed to possible customers. Digital promotion should be prioritized in the ever demanding website era.
  6. Once all the previous steps are taken, it is a good idea to start thinking about future sales figures and the way they are going to be reached
  7. Raw material is one of the most important aspects in the proper working of your business. To get the best CBD supplier, it is necessary to get involved in a deep search for the best places or distributors for the desired material for your business. Remember that the Hemp to be used has to be considered industrial and it has to be certified about the content of it. Keep in mind that any medical claim cannot be done due to the lack of research in the area.
  8. Once you have decided to get into the online market, you have to build a website that will serve as your market place as well as your main source of promotion. Be certain to choose a website building platform which satisfies your business and selling requirements. Also, your website has to offer original content that position your business above all possible competitors.
  9. After the plan has been effective and your website is already on, it is the moment of start giving your brand more relevance and promotes your company and product to the rest of the world. Remember that you have to be well prepared in the Hemp business in order to satisfy your possible customers or distributors all the questions and doubts they will express on your website. Furthermore, focus on your business involvement in social media; but remember to state clear what your business deals with and try to avoid any legal controversies involving your CBD product.

It is not an easy task to start a new business; but with a clear goal in mind and following our given recommendations, there is a high possibility to be very successful in the Hemp related business area.

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