YouTube Optimization Guide 2018

June 27, 2018 2 min read

YouTube Optimization Guide 2018

YouTube Optimization Guide 2018

So why is video important and why should YouTube be your center of fame? What many people might not be aware of is that YouTube is second only to Facebook. And there is more.

Studies have shown that more people spend more time on YouTube than they do on Facebook. On average, most users will spend 40 minutes on it and about 35 minutes of Facebook daily.

You do you want to create a winning content on YouTube right? There are three basic keys you can achieve this. First, create great content. Second, great content isn’t just enough, optimize it. And thirdly share your content.

Let us look at how you can optimize your YouTube SEO content.

Step one: choose a good topic and key phrase

If you thought topics only apply to article writing, then you are very wrong. Your YouTube needs a catchy topic and key phrase. As a matter of a fact, it is very difficult to optimize your YouTube content without the key phrase. It is, therefore, more advisable to choose the key phrase before you start shooting because it will act as your guide throughout the shooting. However, it is still ok if you have already made your video.

The first result of the YouTube search is always the most popular. For this reason, try to find out what auto-populates using Google search and use that to your advantage. But be very careful when using keywords. To stay out of trouble, search the exact word on YouTube and see if it has already been used before.

Step 2: create the video

Use your best tools to create your video with a special focus on the audio. As much as video is important, often people forget the audio part yet users want to hear more than they want to see.

Step 3: optimize the video

Once you have shot and edited your video, uploading is easy on YouTube.  After uploading, you may want to edit a few details of your video before activating it.

The first thing to do when filling out the details is to use the key phrase in your title and make sure they are positioned as early in the title as possible. Long tail key phrases and synonyms in the description are more advisable. And if you want your content to be found by every search engine, use at least 200 words description.

Use relevant tags that are 1-3 words long because they are key to YouTube SEO.

If you have more than 15 videos, create a playlist and add them on. This will help get more views for the content as an SEO strategy for Google and YouTube to know it is important content.

Add a custom thumbnail to increase your views for the video. The custom thumbnail should be 1280x720 pixels and under 2MB. After these, you can now save and publish the video.

Step 4:

Your SEO work has not yet ended with the creation. It is time to share your video with as many followers as possible. Use other social media platforms as an important tool for this.