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October 16, 2019 6 min read

Best Social Media Exchange Sites List for 2020

Here are my guides and reviews of the 10 Best Social Media Exchange Sites for boosting your SEO social signals and social media presence:, Link Collider, Traffup, Hit4Hit,, FollowFast, FollowLike, LikesTool, KingdomLikes, YouLikeHits, Like4Like and YTMonster.

In this guide, I am going to give you an overview of the best Social Media Exchange Sites that you can use to boost your social signals and social media presence. These sites are free in the sense that you do not have to buy their subscription packages but instead, you can simply earn points by performing various actions such as following people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other websites or liking YouTube videos, subscribing to YouTube channels and so on.

Why Do You Need to Boost Your SEO Social Signals and Social Media Presence?

Insofar as SEO is concerned, social signals play a very important role in your website rankings. A social signal is basically when a social media share has your website url in it. This includes Twitter tweets, Facebook shares, Pinterest Pins, VK website shares and so on. I have done a lot of testing over the past few years and have noticed that social signals help to add a real edge and solidify SEO rankings. For example, I have many ecommerce websites that have tonnes of quality backlinks from top news sites and fashion magazines. In order to validate these backlinks from the social media perspective, I created thousands of social signals for my websites and soon enough the sales almost doubled as my ecommerce sites picked up in Google rankings.

From the social media and reputational perspective, your social media presence and activity is a litmus test for how successful and popular your business or website is. A website visitor will always check your social media platforms in order to see how popular you are, what others have to say about you and simply to validate your claims that you make on your website. If your social media channels do not have enough post likes and shares as well as followers, the immediate tell-tell sign is that you are not very popular on social media and possibly not popular at all. You may be awesome at what you do, but you need to tell that to the world!

My Favourite and the Best Social Media Exchange Sites List for 2020

AddMeFast Social Media Exchange Platform

AddMeFast Social Media Exchange Platform has been around for a while. The Social Media Exchange site hosts a very user-friendly and simple layout with lightning fast website speed. You can receive the following services from

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Share
  • Facebook Followers
  • Facebook Post Like
  • FB Post Share
  • Group Join
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Twitter Likes
  • YouTube Subscribe
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Favorites
  • YouTube Views
  • Likes
  • Vkontakte Pages
  • Vkontakte Groups
  • MySpace Friends
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Pinterest Repins
  • Reverbnation Fans
  • SoundCloud Follow
  • SoundCloud Likes
  • SoundCloud Plays
  • StumbleUpon
  • Website Hits claims that it has been online for about 7 years and has more than 13 Million registered users, more than 6 Million active users and 1Million monthly active users, over 100 Million monthly page views from 211 countries and
28 ways from 12 networks to boost your social presence. is a great all round platform. 

How to Receive Points to your social media sites on

How to Receive Points to your social media sites on

To receive points to your social media sites, you will need to go to "Add site/Page", select the social media platform and then complete the relevant fields and specify the CPC which is how many points you are willing to pay a user for completing the specified action i.e. social media like or share. Do note that this site has a very stringent security system which means that once you add a website url in one account, you will never be able to add the same website even in other accounts. This generally applies to Facebook Page Likes, Facebook Shares, Twitter and Instagram Followers and so on. This does not apply to individual tweets but still applies to Twitter retweets and tweet likes, Facebook post shares and likes, YouTube video likes, YouTube subscribers, etc. Therefore, make sure that you do not get your account banned as you will not be able to add the same sites again! Also, ensure that you do not access the site using a different IP i.e. if you are using a VPN because your site will get banned. Social Media Exchange Platform

To view how many likes and shares each one of your sites or posts has gotten, go to "My Sites". You will be able to pause and delete certain campaigns if you would like to focus the activity towards certain sites.

I generally find very good for Twitter tweets, retweets and Twitter likes, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Followers, YouTube Subscribers, video likes and views, Pinterest followers and repins. The only thing that this platform really lacks in is its ability to generate Facebook post shares and Facebook subscribers which could be attributed to Facebook's stringent security systems.

How to Earn Points on

How to earn points on Social Exchange Platforms

To earn points on this site, simply click on one of the social media platforms on your left handside and then perform the relevant action. The CPC or how many points you will receive will be specified and you can even skip certain users. When performing various actions to earn points, you may be prompted with an internal captcha to verify that you are a human. will throw up a warning if you are clicking and going too fast as part of its efforts to fight automated bots. Make sure to go at a slower speed and take into account the liking and follow limits for each platform that you are using as you may get your social media channels banned. I would not recommend that you connect your business or personal social media channels to due to the risk of them being banned or limited. It is best to create dummy profiles for the sole purpose of using them on addmefast so that if they do get banned, you will not lose any sleep over it.

Buying Points on

Buying Points on is fairly pricey if you are buying points but social shares and the SEO boost you will get from it will definitely pay off. The way subscription service works is it allows you to buy weekly packages whereby your social media sites/sites will get unlimited social shares and likes during the subscription period. The plans are divided according to threads, so basically it means that an X number of your sites or social media posts or pages will receive follows, likes and shares at the same time. If you buy the silver plan, your Simultaneous Active Links Count will be 3 which means that 3 of your added sites will receive likes and shares at the same time. You can enable and disable as to which links you would like to send the social signals to. Social Media Exchange Site

C:\Users\AA\Pictures\ Social Media Exchange Site.png is a very simple, intuitive and easy-to-use Social Media Exchange Site. I find its design very refreshing and simple. supports the following social media tasks:

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Share
  • Facebook Followers
  • F. Post or Photo Likes
  • F. Post or Photo Share
  • YouTube Views
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube disLikes
  • YouTube Susbribe
  • YouTube Favorite
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Twitter reTweet
  • Twitter Favorite
  • Likes
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Photo Likes
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Pinterest rePins
  • SoundCloud Plays
  • SoundCloud Followers
  • SoundCloud Likes
  • Web Traffic

Adding your Social Media Sites on

Adding your Social Media Sites on


  1. Choose network type (Facebook like, Google +1, Twitter, Website Hits)

  2. Select countries to promote your site / page.

  3. Your Site/Page Title - must be only in letters and numbers

  4. Enter your Social Media Page or Post url

  5. Set limit for total clicks for this site / page

  6. Set limit for daily clicks for this site / page

  7. CPC is Cost (points) Per Click for your Site/Page - min=8 and max=10

  8. (¡Min=4, Max=15 only for users that buy any of our packages, see it here) supports many social media platforms and actions. To add your sites, simply go to "add page" on the left handside menu (green button with a plus sign). You will be give an option to choose a social media network along with the action to be performed. You will be able to receive social likes, shares and followers from the list above. My own strategy is to first select Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram followers and then after about a couple of days add some post likes and shares then I add some website shares. The only thing that most of these social media sharing sites share in common is that you have to add EVERY SINGLE ONE post or video one by one, which is EXTREMELY time consuming. Now, fear not! There is one social media sharing platform in my list that does not need you to enter each post url manually, in fact, you just enter your page and it randomly gives your posts likes and shares. I will share that platform later in this article :)



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