COMPLETE GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial (GSA SER) - Part 3

November 24, 2018 9 min read

COMPLETE GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial Project Creation part 3

COMPLETE GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Part 3

This is part 3 of the complete GSA Search Engine Ranker software tutorial. If you have not yet read part 1 and part 2 of this tutorial, I recommend that you do so.

The Structure of GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

This tutorial is a detailed walkthrough of the GSA SER software with accompanying screenshots and recommendations.

10 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Options Settings

10 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Options Settings

The first part of the Options settings is "How to submit / verify".

Check the "Ask all services to fill captchas" option and choose random for forms where the field cannot be filled. You can do a "custom retry" for the captchas that cannot be solved as well as "skip hard to solve captchas".

You can check the "verified links must have exact URL" option.

As the backlinks are created and verified you can "re-verify existing backlinks ever XXXX number of minutes" to make sure you backlink is still alive and has not been removed by the admins. Please note that blog comments, forum posts and other types of posts are removed a lot of the time if the post is spammy and low quality. This is why I cannot stress it enough that you should invest enough time and effort to make your spun content as quality as possible so as to avoid deletions. On the other hand, there are a lot of sites that are not monitored as often and your links can stick for much longer. I usually use ahrefs to check all of my removed links.

If you would like to index your backlinks with the search engines you can "send verified links to indexer services" such as "GSA SEO Indexer" or "other indexers". I usually do not like to index my links and I prefer for them to appear naturally simply due to the sheer amount of links created. Yes, my links will index slower than if I were to use an indexer but at least that way, the indexing process is somewhat natural. After some time, I run all of my backlinks through Minik's Social Signals Boss (Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus). This software basically creates social media posts with my links inside of them which helps with natural link indexing.

I always "use character spinning when possible". This option basically replaces some of the characters (non-Latin) inside of your text to make it look unique to the search engines. The content is still readable to the user but the characters are switched.

I always enable the "randomly use typos/spell errors in descriptions (fight duplicate content)" option. This option is great because it makes the content more unique and natural. To put it simply, whenever you are typing content into a blog or a forum post, it is only very likely that you will make some typos which makes your content look more natural to the moderators and the search engines.

I also "try to always place an [sic] URL with an anchor text in descriptions/comments". This is an option to basically create your links with your anchor text in blog comment and description sections.

You may well like to "retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites X times". I do not enable this option as I feel that it can slow down the software and instead of re-trying to submit to previously failed sites, I will submit to new sites instead. This option is good for slowing down the software to control the rate at which you create backlinks.

You may want to "try to locate new URL on "no engine match".
For TAGs, I use "anchor texts".

11 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Select Search Engines to Scrape

11 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Select Search Engines to Scrape

In this section, you will have the option to select all the search engines to scrape using your set of keywords for target websites from which to get backlinks.
I always like to select the search engines according to country.
I "always use keywords to find target sites".
I also like to "use URLs from global site lists" and I check the "verified" option. These are the urls that are verified and working so this option makes backlink creations somewhat quicker and easier.
I also "use URLs linking on same verified URL".
You can also "analyse and post to competitor backlinks".

12 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Scheduled Posting

12 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Scheduled Posting

The scheduled posting section deals with the timing elements.
You can "allow posting on same site again" "per url".
You can "post first article without links" but I do not personally use this option.
You can then set your delays for:
"time to wait on further registrations"
"time to wait between two posts"
"Maximum posts per account"
"maximum accounts per site"

These are the delay options that will allow you to control the rate at which your links are created. I prefer not to use them.

13 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Filter your URLs

13 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Filter your URLs

This is a very important section that will allow you to control the quality of your links. Many marketers and SEO professionals are concerned that automated link building software produce spammy and low quality links. Most marketers prefer to use automated link building software on their tier 2 and tier 3 sites and never on their money sites. I, however, like to use GSA SER on my money sites because this option allows me to control the quality of my links. Yes, these filters will significantly reduce the total number of links but I am more concerned about quality than quantity. Let's now look at the options.

I like to "skip sites with more than 100 outgoing links on one page" simply because I do not like to post to spammed sites. I did a spot check of one blog comment that the software created and I noticed that there were 5,000 other comments on the same page. These are the types of sites I do not like to post my money site links to. However, I do not mind posting my tier 2 and 3 links to such sites as these links still help with authority and indexing.

I do not use the option to "skip sites with a PR below X and with a PR above X" simply because Page Rank is no longer an important ranking factor and is considered to be dead. Instead, I think that this section should be replaced by the overall Domain Authority (DA).

In the "type of backlinks to create" section, you can select the types of links that you would like GSA SER to create for you. I leave this section at the default settings.

I do not use the "try to skip creating Nofollow links" because I like to have No Follow links for backlink diversity as it would be very artificial just to have DO Follow links.

I sometimes "avoid posting to subdomain sites" simply because many of those sites are parasite web 2.0s created by other backlink software such as Money Robot and given that there are hundreds of millions of these parasite sites, I do not want for the software to waste its time on them. On the other hand, there are also many quality and legitimate subdomain sites. Instead, I try to get a list of all domains that are used with other backlink software and simply add them to the blacklist. This helps me to skip the "known offenders" and post to predominantly quality subdomain sites.

I like to "avoid posting to sites with just IP and no domain" as I like my backlinks to come from domains.

To increase the relevancy of your links, you can set a filter so that "at least X keywords must be present on visible text on site, meta keywords, meta description, title, domain, url or anywhere. This is a very powerful feature that is oftentimes overlooked by many GSA SER users. Of course, this will once again reduce your success rate but at least you can be confident that you will be creating niche-related backlinks.

You can "skip sites where the following words appear". This is a helpful filter to skip spammy sites such as porn, gambling and Viagra.

Equally, you can "skip sites with the following words in URL/Domain". This will allow you to filter out low-quality sites or sites that do not appear to be related to your niche.

One of my favourite filters is to "skip sites from the following countries" and "skip sites from [sic] following languages". This is a very powerful filter that will allow you to skip many low-quality sites such as sites in Chinese or Arabic. However, not all Chinese or Arabic sites are low-quality. It is more with the user preference of where you would like to create your links. For example, if my website is UK-based, then I like to create links on English-speaking sites for my money site. For tier 2 and tier 3 URLs, I do not really mind where the links are created.

14 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - E-Mail Verification

14 GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - E-Mail Verification

In the e-mail verification section, you will need to add your email(s) accounts that will be used for verifying your accounts on multiple platforms. I strongly recommend that you read my guide on how to set up your gmail account to work properly with GSA SER. You can also read my guide on how to create gmail accounts without phone verification.

The first step will be to add your gmail account and set the pop3 Server, SSL port. Gmail POP3 Server is POP3 Host: POP3 Port: 995.

You will need to enter your gmail account and your password. Then, you can test your account to see if it has connected properly. If it is not connecting, it is likely that either your POP3 and port settings are incorrect, you are using the wrong password or you have not configured your gmail account properly. Please note that you will need to enable POP3 and IMAP inside your gmail settings as well as add a filter to make sure that verification emails are never sent to the spam folder. You will also need to allow less secure apps. This is covered in my tutorial on configuring your gmail for use with GSA SER.

I leave the other settings at their default values.

Indexing Your Backlinks with Google

Now that you have created your article and backlinks using your backlink building tools, you need to index these backlinks with the search engines. Creating backlinks is great, but if the search engines such as Google are not going to crawl and index your backlinks then they will not pass any link juice to your website. I know that there have been talks amongst the SEO community that un-indexed backlinks still pass on link juice to your website, but I personally disagree with this statement. Usually, backlinks that are not indexed with Google tend to be either penalised or not discovered by Google. I have tried many indexing services but most of them have not worked out very well for me. I personally use MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS AUTO TWEET BOT which creates auto tweets with your backlink urls. You will need to spend a bit of time to learn how to use this bot, but in the end, it is going to be worth it because running social signals to backlinks is the best and "white hat" way of indexing backlinks. You can read the full MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS AUTO TWEET BOT FULL TUTORIAL here.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Verified Lists

There is an option of purchasing GSA SER verified lists with target urls for each posting sources. Buying an off-the-shelf GSA SER list will save you a lot of time and processing power from having to scrape target urls for posting your backlinks. You can purchase a GSA SER verified list from us or you could try a freelance marketplace. We personally recommend Sweaty Quid Freelancer Marketplace as it has a number of trusted sellers who provide very quality lists and update them very regularly.

Recommended Readings

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