How to Advertise an Online Vape Shop: Your Ultimate Vape Marketing Guide

May 02, 2019 5 min read

How to Advertise an Online Vape Shop

How to Advertise an Online Vape Shop: Your Ultimate Vape Marketing Guide

Advertise your Online Vape Shop via Traditional Channels

Vape Shop marketing is a tricky thing, You cant advertise on any of the big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Instagram, These companies don't allow advertisements of vape products as they consider it "Smoking", Ya... thank you FDA for that one... So what do you do if you can't use traditional advertising techniques?

Reach Out to Vape Influencers on Instagram

Some of the best ways to advertise your (or even a CBD business) is to contact Instagram and Snap chat influencers. You can reach out to people to promote your website or product usually via e-mail or sometimes direct messaging through Instagram and negotiate time and the amount of money for the ad to run depending out their out reach. These types of ads will very heavily from influencer to influencer because of their following base, some influencer;s main following will be from US or UK or evenly spread around the globe. So these are hit an miss when advertising online.

Reach Out to your E-Liquid Manufacturer

Reach out to smaller E-Juice manufacturers and pay for promotional space on their website for traffic, Most will be happy to sell advertising, i mean you are selling their product right? These are also negotiated on length of time and payment and again you will have no clue where their traffic comes from as they probably sell internationally.

Find a Digital Marketing Expert and Invest in Vape SEO

The last step if your budget allows, is to find an SEO company to help rank your site with google, again remember google is your best friend for online vape shops.This is usually expensive and sometimes leaves you with zero results, It is a hit or miss kind of deal with these SEO company's and extremely difficult to find the right one for you. But if even semi successful the results of the vape SEO company will boost your website and provide organic traffic to your website for the foreseeable future and will have a lasting effect.

Free Marketing and traffic.

well...Now you need to get creative. The most powerful tool at your disposal is google search engine, But you are not going to create a website an appear in the top 3 pages of google for vaping or e-juice right away, this takes months of time and effort to rank properly in google searches, Also lets not forget about Bing, They do have a substantial amount of traffic through their search engine and is less competitive. So what other things can you do?

Advertise your Online Vape Shop on YouTube

Here is where the hard work comes into play, Youtube can be a very powerful tool for generating traffic and also boosting your SEO presence with search engines. I highly suggest watching some videos on creating your own content to promote products you sell or even just review them! This generates traffic for your site and helps rank you on google.

Advertise your Online Vape Shop on Twitter

Twitter is a good outreach to use product images and use hashtags to promote your website in groups like Vape Nation or other vaping communities within twitter, this is an amazing feature because you are targeting specifically those who vape and who possibly want to quit smoking.

Advertise your Online Vape Shop on Instagram 

Though most vape business's have figured out that Instagram is a great way to reach people, I have noticed that there are far more business's on Instagram then people looking for vape related topics, business's have flooded this social media for advertising due to the limitations of easy commercial marketing.

Promote your Online Vape Shop on Facebook!

Find Vaping communities to join and participate in discussions, don't be afraid to link your site if you have a product they are looking for, message people directly if groups don't like posting of other sites links, some groups were created for the sole purpose of advertising their own products, typically these are sites that are way over priced an they fear you will run them out of the competition completely an take their hard work, i say competition is good right? Bring it on.

Promote your Online Vape Store on Reddit

Everyone has a love hate relationship with Reddit, but it can be a very powerful tool for your website, Make an account and make sure to post helpful information without advertising your site, a lot of people will view your profile and make sure that every single post of your's is not an ad for your page. join discussions and help people, an if they ask post your site!

Create a Vape Blog on Your Website

Also create a blog or news section on your site! Every page is a potential click from google search and can bring that one extra customer to your site that keeps coming back, others may share the post or articles you create and will help your brand if anything.

Make Sure to Invest in Proper Branding

Branding is extremely important, if people come to your web site you do not want them to think that your site is ran by some teenager who created it. Everything should be professional, remember that the vaping community online is extremely competitive and you have to be above the competition to properly compete!

These are some of the basics to promoting your online vape shop. Just remember in the world of online marketing and sales, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Evaluate the Performance of your Online Vape Store

Lets get into the more advanced stuff, Use to get a feel as to where your website stands, it will give you a break down of numbers and scores as well as tips to improve your sites scores to rank better with google. This is a very powerful tool, it also provides step by step instructions on how to increase your scores. Believe it or not but most sites actually score poorly! So we all have plenty of room to improve for googles search traffic.

Focus on Generating Sales through effective Newsletters

One of the most important things for your site to succeed besides traffic, is converting sales. Make sure to run e-mails to abandoned checkouts and try to figure your customer base out, do they want cheaper free shipping? what about just cheaper prices in general? Do name brand stuff sell better then your store brand? Remember this is business and even though you may want to push your products more, it may not be worth it in the long run.

Make sure every product on your page has its own page for google to see, This will expand the size of your site and increase the outreach you have on google for search traffic. Impressions are important, but clicks are even more.

Try to stay up on whats trending in the vaping community, this is easier said then done. But a good eye is to pay attention to forums of what people are talking about or interested in buying! This will give you an edge on what to promote on your home page to try to increase sales.

To help increase profits distributors constantly have clearance sales where you can pick up products for fractions of its normal cost. Normal juice that might be $9 dollars could be on sale for as little as $1.50! Jump on those sales and check regularly, because trust me, everyone is looking to jump on those sales.

Hopefully you found this information useful, and remember every market is not the same depending on your target sales location, learn to use the data you collect from your website, conversion rates, traffic, google impressions to click through rates, abandoned carts, everything is there for you to figure out how to make your site successful.

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