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September 20, 2019 15 min read

SEO Content Machine Tutorial - Unique Content Generator and Auto Content Creation Tool

In this guide, I am going to talk about and give you a tutorial in using the SEO Content Machine, a unique content generator for SEO backlinks software, PBNs and other off-page SEO activities.

Why Do You Need Unique Content and Articles?

Ordinarily, you would either yourself or through a copywriter create unique and quality content for your articles and website content. Every website needs unique content because in today's SEO landscape, "content is King". Major search engines such as Google will give more value to websites that have unique, quality and fairly long content that adds value to the user's experience. Duplicate content usually does not rank well. It is a misnomer to say that sites with duplicate content are automatically penalised because they are not: search engines such as Google will not rank your website as high as the originator of that unique content. A vast majority of backlink tools and automatical backlink building software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, Money Robot, Scrapebox et al rely on content. However, creating unique and quality content for backlink building tools is very costly and simply not worth the effort in monetary terms: this is where unique content generator tools such as SEO Content Machine come in.

Why Do You Need Unique Content for SEO Backlink Building Tools?

As I mentioned above, a vast majority of SEO backlink building tools rely on content because they post articles and content to various sites and PBNs. The idea behind creating unique content with these tools is to get Google and other search engines to crawl and index your website. Moreover, not all unique content generators are the same. Poor quality spun articles may not rank as well or may even not get indexed. Some SEO backlink software such as Money Robot Backlinks Submitter have in-built article creators, but some marketers prefer to create their own content that is of a higher quality.

What is SEO Content Machine and How It Can Help You With Your Off-Page SEO Work

SEO Content Machine is a unique article generator that can automatically create unique and SEO-optimised articles on the basis of your keywords. This Auto Content Creation Tool will crawl the search engines for websites related to your keywords and pull and spin content from those sites. You can then use this superior content with your backlinks software as well as PBNs.

Full Tutorial of How to Use SEO Content Machine for Generating Unique Articles

First, you will need to launch the software and select "create article" on the left handside bar.

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Main GUI

SEO Content Machine Tutorial - Article Settings

SEO Content Machine Tutorial - Article Settings

First, you will need to provide an article keyword or your list of keywords (multiple). The keywords are used as the basis for scraping article content from the search engines. This is pretty much what the instructions on the GUI state:

"Your keyword is used to search for content that will be downloaded to build your articles.

Advanced users can include Google search operators as well. Eg intitle:keyword inurl:keyword etc

Creating articles using multiple keywords
If you want to process 100s of keywords at a time, you should load them from a file. If you do this, there is auto resume feature that starts off from the next keyword in case there was an error."

For the purpose of this example, I have added one keyword "Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor" for our software. 

In the Article Settings section, you will need to select the type of article that you want to create. Here are your options:

  • article plain text
  • article html
  • article plain text
  • gsa ser
  • question and answers
  • ranker x
  • senuke
  • zennoposter

I usually create articles in html or plain text, depending on what I am going to use them for.

As follows, you need to select the number of articles that you want to create and the paragraph length per article. I usually go for 15 to 20 paragraphs simply because I prefer having longer articles as they tend to rank better than thin content (content of about 500 words). You will then need to select the article save location. This is where your articles will be saved. In the advanced settings, you can add macros into the custom filename string. On the main GUI, it is explained that there are the following macros that you can use:

File & folder name macros

Power users can use macros in both the folder and filename string text boxes.

%templatename% %keyword% %project% %taskname% %templategroup% %templatetype%

Inside the "task settings" section, you will need to enter a name for your project. I am going to use "Creative Bear Tech" for the project name because they are the developers of the Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor for which I am building some backlinks.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial - Rewriter / Translator Tab

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Article Rewriter and Translator

In this section, you will need to select the content / article spinning service. For those of you who are unfamiliar with article spinning, in very simple terms, it is a process of taking content and then spinning it to produce many unique variations of it. For example, to illustrate this, if I have a keyword "Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor", I can spin this to produce many unique versions of this keyword that more or less means the same thing. This is how the spun version would look (curly brackets and pipes):

{Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor|Google Scraper and Email Extractor|Search Engine Harvester and E-Mail Scraper}.

It is important to spin the scraped content in order to generate as many unique versions of it as possible. Most content spinners will take your scraped article (from above step) and just:

  • Automatically rewrite complete sentences
  • Automatically rewrite entire paragraphs
  • Automatically write additional paragraphs and summaries
  • Automatically change the entire structure of phrases and sentences
  • Make Content More Readable, or More Unique
  • Use as many synonyms as possible
  • Use synonyms that are reliably correct
  • Only use synonyms that are definitely correct
  • One-Level or Multi-Level Nested Spinning
  • Find synonyms for words inside spun phrases as well
  • Protected Keywords (will not be replaced with synonyms):
  • One protected keyword or phrase per line
  • Protect all Capitalized Words (except in article titles)

This is pretty much what the message on the software GUI reads:

"Choose an article rewriter to make sure your content is unique. Soft spinner is free and comes with SCM.

If you don't want weird { } or | symbols in your text (spintax) you can choose to write articles without it."

The practice of spinning content and articles is deemed to be somewhat questionable in the SEO world and is a real hot potatoe. Some marketers maintain that spun content does not rank or get indexed by Google because Google has very sophisticated algorithms that can detext sites with spun content and penalise them and the sites that are being linked to inside such PBNs. However, others maintain that article spinning works and content does get indexed by Google and other search engines. My experience and practice tells me that Google cannot yet detect spun articles, but there is a risk of a site that is using spun content to get penalised and de-indexed if Google decides to do a "manual review" of a site. However, having spoken to many leading SEO authorities in the market, I was told that Google does not have enough resources to do manual reviews and 90% of the time, sites submitted for manual review will not get reviewed. I do not have a definitive answer for this and we can only specualte. A word of caution: spun content is ordinarily used for PBNs and tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks: Never use it on your "money site" as you can get penalised and de-indexed by Google and other search engines.

You will now need to select a "Spinner Service". You have the following options:

  • Soft Spin (free)
  • Soft Spin (free)
  • Chimp Rewriter
  • ESpinner
  • Spinner Chief
  • Spin Rewriter
  • Spinner Br
  • Sistema Br
  • Word Ai
  • X-Spinner
  • The French Article Spinner

I prefer to use the free options as they do the job pretty well.

You can also select to have your article translated into another language using on the following Translator Service:

  • Bing
  • Deepl
  • Google
  • Yandex

I think that it is a great idea to translate articles into another language because search engines such as Google can more easily detect spun content in English than in any other language. For example, if I was to translate my article into Lithuanian, there is almost no chance that Google or any other search engines for that matter can detect that my content is spun. The most obvious explanation for this is that Google's algorithm is not yet advanced enough when it comes to other languages. If you are doing SEO work for an English website, then you may want to have the content in English. However, from my experience, articles in other languages work just as well for English money sites.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Sources

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Sources

SEO Content Machine will scrape the articles from Google. This is good news because personally, I never bother with other sources as they produce way too much junk. You will need to select the country and language. This is a great way of targeting content that is relevant to the region of your website. I have selected United Kingdom and English language.

The software GUI has the following instructions / guidance:

"Searching Google

All content used to make your articles is found using Google. Select the correct country & language to customize the content results.

Google Captchas

If you are searching Google more than once a minute, you maybe issued a captcha challenge. Captcha credits are used to solve these automatically. This is the cheapest way to search Google in an automated fashion. Your credit count is shown at the top right hand corner.

Purchase captcha credits here.

Proxies are not recommended, but VPNs are an alternative as it forces an IP change."

It makes a very fair point about proxies and Google captchas. I am sure that you have come across a Google "verify I am not a robot" image captcha where you have to select palm trees, cars, fire hydrants or bicycles. Personally, I like to use a VPN with timed out IP change as it is the cheapest. I would not bother with proxies or remote captcha-solving services.

The content filters are very helpful in defining what keywords to remove and what keywords a website must contain in order for SEO Content Machine to Scrape the content from it. The following guidance is provided on the GUI:

"Removing junk from downloaded content

The junk word list removes any downloaded content that uses a word in the list. Use this to remove competitor or junk content.

This list will also be used to remove any urls before they are used to download content from.

The safe word list only keeps any downloaded content that uses a word in the list. Use a keyword here to create highly relevant articles at the cost of throwing away potentially related long tail content."

It may be a good idea to add your competitors' names, urls and anything that you would not want in your content. There are some SEO software tools that allow you to find every site that mentions your url or brand name. You would not want your competitors finding your spun articles as that can lead to legal and even underhand SEO implications.

Next, you can add "custom content". The instructions on the right handside state that:

"Adding your own titles

Choose if you want to use downloaded titles, your own titles or both. You can add your own titles via the 'Custom Titles' button

Adding your own content into the article

Custom paragraphs allow you to insert your own paragraph content into articles. You can choose if paragraphs are inserted at the top, middle, end or anywhere."

It is a good idea to mix your own titles with randomly generated titles because it is a good way of including your set of relevant keywords in the H1 to H6 heading tags. As you may be aware, in order to create a well-optimised site, you need to add your keywords in the headings, body content, meta title, meta description as well as image alt tags. This option is a great way of allowing you to produce more optimised SEO articles. The software gives you an option of where in the article you would like to place your article titles. I just select "anywhere" because I like for things to be as natural as possible.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Content Inserts

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Content Inserts

This section of the auto article generator deals with adding extra sections to the article, including 

  • Insert Subheadings
  • Insert List
  • Insert Questions & Answers
  • Insert Images
  • Insert Videos

The idea of this section is to make your article more optimised for SEO.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Insert Subheadings

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Insert Subheadings

This is what the guidance on the software provides:

"Auto subheadings

Downloaded subheadings will be inserted as many times as required with the tag list specified. Subheading tags will be inserted in sequential order using the csv list."

Subheadings are great for optimising your article for SEO.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Auto lists

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Insert List

You can add automatic lists into your article. This is what the guidance provides "You can insert lists into the middle of your article. To make it a numbered list change the <ul> tags to <ol>". Adding numbered lists is a great way of making your article more natural and optimised for SEO. You can tell the software how long the list should be.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Insert Questions and Answers

SEO Content Machine Tutorial - Insert Questions and Answers

This feature "Inserts questions and answers from Google searches into your article. Will not be spun. Not all queries have these available". Again, this is a great way of leveraging available content on the search engines and making your article look more natural and optimised for SEO.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Insert Images

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Insert Images

In this section, you can add some images to your article. The following guidance is provided on the GUI:

"Auto images

Toggle the insert images section to specify how many images be inserted into your article.

If you are using a Wordpress blog its possible to set a featured image."

Images are a good way of making an article look more natural and relevant because all quality articles will contain images.

I like to add my own images (images from my website) because the process of embedding images helps to rank them on Google image search and believe it or not, image searches are a great way of generating traffic to your site. Moreover, by embedding images in your article, you will help to rank your images higher on the Google image search!

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Insert Image - Use your own images and set alt tags for SEO

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Insert Image - Use your own images and set alt tags for SEO

In the custom url fields, I have added an image of the software box for the Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor by Creative Bear Tech. Of course, you would normally add all the relevant images such as infographics. If you want to add bulk images from your website, instead of clicking on each image to get its url, it is a good idea to go into the sitemap such as and then copy all the urls, paste them into Scrapebox, remove everything that is not a url and then remove all links not containing "jpeg" or "png". This will leave you all image urls that you can paste into the custom image box. Next, you can add your own alt tags in the box. Here, you should include your set of keywords. You can also get the software to add those for you automatically using the "Primary Keyword" or "Suggest Keywords". Adding alt tags to your images is an important part of optimising your article for SEO because image alt tags tell the search engines what your images are about as the search engines such as Google cannot read an image and deduct its content.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Insert Videos

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Content Inserts - Insert Videos

Adding videos to your article is part-and-parcel of optimising your article for SEO. Likewise, by embedding your own videos is also a great way of ranking your videos on the search engines. I have come across many people who keep on asking me how to rank their YouTube videos. A lot of people think that you have to generate fake video views in order to rank and become more popular. I find that the best way of ranking YouTube and other videos is by embedding them in articles. Video embeds help to pass on link juice to those videos, which tells Google and other search engines that a video is popular because it is being embedded in articles. Here are the instructions from the software GUI

"Auto video

Toggle the insert video section to insert a youtube video automatically into your article.

You can choose to insert videos using a simple keyword search or even videos from your own channel or username."

On feature that I really like is the ability to add your YouTube channel whereby the software will automatically grab and insert videos from your YouTube channel. Normally, with other backlink building tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranker and Money Robot, I would have to go to YouTube and save the urls of each video manually. Alternatively, I use a Chrome extension called Link Klipper to automally download all the video urls from my channel. For this, I would have to open my video tab and scroll down to the bottom of the list of my videos and the Chrome extension would automatically download all the video urls from that page automatically. SEO Content Machine takes away the hassle of having to retrieve YouTube video urls manually and also it will automatically incorporate new videos on a YouTube channel. You can also search for videos using a keyword but personally, I prefer to rank my own videos. However, this is still a great option for those who do not have YouTube videos. You can also embed your own video codes if you do not have your own YouTube channel and would perhaps like to add videos from other sources.

SEO Content Machine Tutorial: Insert Links

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Insert Links

The next feature of SEO Content Machine will allow you to add your set of backlinks into the article. Ultimately, this is the entire purpose of automatically creating articles: to create backlinks for your website to rank it higher on the search engines. 

In this section, you should add your urls and anchor text. There is a great feature that will allow you to lock your url with keyword/anchor text. This feature will allow you to create more relevant backlinks to each page / website. For example. I have added the following:

url =

Anchor: Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor

This will allow me to create a relevant anchor text for this particular page.

If I was going to add say the url of every single product page on Creative Bear Tech then I would need to lock the url with the keyword because I want for my backlinks to be relevant. For instance, if I was not to lock the urls with the keyword then I would get a lot of irrelevant backlinks for the pages. For instance, if I have a page "Jewellery Stores Email List" and I use the keyword "Search Engine Scraper" then that pushes down the relevancy of my backlink because the page is not relevant to the anchor text. Of course, if I was going to use only product pages that share a common denominator i.e. they are all B2B marketing lists, then I could use more generic anchor texts such as "B2B sales leads", "B2B marketing list".

As follows, you can tell the software where to place the links within the article using the link location feature:

  • Insert link
  • Insert sentence
  • Add sentence to start of article
  • Add sentence to end of article
  • Insert contextual link (replaces existing words)
  • Insert as paragraph

Generic Link Text Variations box is where you can add generic keywords. Remember, you do not want to over-optimise your anchor text since your backlink profile will not look natural and it is important to have a list of generic keywords such as: click here, shop now, discount code, read, etc. I also like to add branded, naked and LSI anchors in this box. Here is how it would look:

  • Generic anchor text: click here, more, shop now
  • Branded anchor text: Creative Bear Tech
  • Naked Anchor Text:
  • LSI: Read User Guide for the Search Engine Scraper

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Run - Auto Generate your Article

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Run - Auto Generate your Article

Once you are done with the full set up, you can hit on run and the software will begin to auto generate your article(s).

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Settings

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - Settings

Under the settings tab, I would leave the article creator thread count at 2 because you do not want to send too many requests to Google as it can throw up captchas and even ban your IP. Even if you are using a VPN with timed out IP settings, you are still using one IP address at a time so it is best to leave the thread count at its default value to keep the software running smoothly.

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - API Login

SEO Content Machine Auto Article Generator - API Login

In this section, you will need to add your article spinner and translator API login details if you choose to use an external content spinning service. The following content spinners are supported by SEO Content Machine:

  • X-Spinner
  • espinner
  • WordAi
  • SpinnerChief
  • Spinner BR
  • SpinRewriter
  • Chimp Rewriter
  • Sistema BR
  • The French Article Spinner

You can also add your API logins for the following translators:

  • Google Translate
  • Bing Translate
  • Deepl Translate
  • Yandex Translate

Indexing Your Backlinks with Google

Now that you have created your article and backlinks using your backlink building tools, you need to index these backlinks with the search engines. Creating backlinks is great, but if the search engines such as Google are not going to crawl and index your backlinks then they will not pass any link juice to your website. I know that there have been talks amongst the SEO community that un-indexed backlinks still pass on link juice to your website, but I personally disagree with this statement. Usually, backlinks that are not indexed with Google tend to be either penalised or not discovered by Google. I have tried many indexing services but most of them have not worked out very well for me. I personally use MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS AUTO TWEET BOT which creates auto tweets with your backlink urls. You will need to spend a bit of time to learn how to use this bot, but in the end, it is going to be worth it because running social signals to backlinks is the best and "white hat" way of indexing backlinks. You can read the full MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS AUTO TWEET BOT FULL TUTORIAL here.

Final Words

I hope you have found this tutorial on SEO Content Machine useful. I will endeavour to update this article in the light of new updates to the software. As I mentioned above, you can create your own unique articles for PBNs and automatic backlink building software. I would appreciate if you could link to this article on your blog or share it on social media to help other users!

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