Wix Contact Form Submitter - Mop Mop's B2B Lead Gold Mine

April 14, 2020 4 min read

Wix Contact Form Submitter - Mop Mop's B2B Lead Gold Mine

Wix Contact Form Submitter - Mop Mop's B2B Lead Gold Mine

Step 1 - Main Tab - Configure the Contact Form Information, Captcha and Contact Form Urls

Step 1 - Main Tab - Configure the Contact Form Information, Captcha and Contact Form Urls

The contact form information section on the upper right hand side corner of the GUI should contain the contact form information that you would like to submit to websites. Spintax format is supported and recommended since Wix may detect if you are posting duplicate content. For example,

{Hello|Hi|Good Morning}! {I am writing to introduce my company|I would like to introduce my business}

It is highly recommended that you use proxies and select the "use proxy settings from proxies tab" because Wix may block your IP address if you are submitted too many contact forms within a short space of time!

Inside the captcha section, you can enter your API key for 2captcha. This is a remote captcha solving service that will solve Google image recaptchas. Alternatively, you can purchase XEvil and use it to solve Google recaptchas for FREE.

Inside the "Contact form URLs" section, you will need to enter the websites on which the wix contact form submitter should submit your message to the contact forms. You can either enter your own urls or you can use our inbuilt crawler (inside the crawler tab) to scrape your target websites.

Step 2 - Crawler Tab - Scrape target website urls for posting

Step 2 - Crawler Tab - Scrape target website urls for posting

Here, you will be able to scrape target Wix website urls to which the contact form submitter should post.

Inside the "keywords" box on the top right hand side corner of the GUI, you will need to enter your keywords that will be used as the basis for scraping target Wix sites. For example,


Make sure it is one word per line. Do not use separators.

Inside the box "remove URL's not containing any of these words (one word/line), you can enter a list of keywords that MUST appear in the url. This will help you to gather websites with topical relevance. Likewise, you may want to enter keywords such as "contact" in order to bring up only the contact form urls that usually contain "contact" inside the url. However, this is not the case for all sites as some websites contain contact forms on home pages.

On the top left hand side corner of the GUI, you may enter the "number of URLs to scrape per keyword" and "apply a delay of X seconds after X urls are scraped". These are the settings that are used to control the number of results that are brought up from a single scrape. For example, if I search for "CBD Shop" on Google, I can choose how many urls I want the software to bring up from that search. You can go as deep as 200 or more results or as shallow as 10 results. The relevancy of the results will depend on your keywords. If you are using proxies then you may not want to apply any delays. However, if you are using your local IP address then you may want to add some delays in order to emulate real human behaviour and make the scraping as natural as possible. You want to give it the appearance of human browsing and prevent your IP from being blacklisted and banned.

Once the crawler is configured, you can hit the "start scraping" button and the software will start to scrape the search engines and the white box titled "URLs will appear here after scraping" will become populated in real time.

Once the scraping is complete, you can filter the target websites and "remove duplicates". Then you can save the urls to a notepad or transfer them to poster by clicking on "transfer to poster" on the "Main" tab.

Step 3 - Proxy configuration - "Proxies" Tab

Step 3 - Proxy configuration - "Proxies" Tab

Here, you should enter your proxies in the format


We strongly recommend that you use private or shared proxies for the best results. Public or backconnect rotating proxies are NOT recommended.

The bot has an inbuilt proxy tester that will test each proxy by opening a window and going to a website. Simply click on the button "Test proxies and remove if not working". You can also set proxy delays / "Minutes between proxy rotation". We recommend a delay of no more than 5 minutes.

The wix contact form submitter runs on a single thread.

Step 4 - Blacklist - Do not post to these URLs

Step 4 - Blacklist - Do not post to these URLs

Here, you should enter all urls that you do not want the contact form submitter to post to. These may be your competitors or websites that requested not to be contacted by you. This blacklist section is important for legal compliance and reputation management. You do not want to spam people who do not want to be spammed. It will lead to bad reviews and worse of all, legal problems.

Step 5 - Run the poster

Step 4 - Run the poster

Once you have configured everything, you can navigate back to the "main tab". Make sure that the "contact form URLs" field is populated with website urls, your contact form information is complete. Optionally, you can either set up your 2Captcha account or XEvil. If you are using XEvil in conjunction with the software (recommended), you can enter anything in the API key section, i.e. 1111111111111111111 or 999999999999999999. Inside XEvil, you will need to ensure that you have "2captcha" service selected and are running on port 80 ( Click on "Get balance" button to see whether a connection is established with 2captcha / XEvil.

Wix Contact Form Submitter - Mop Mop's B2B Lead Gold Mine

If everything looks good to you, to start the contact form poster, hit on "Start" and the software will start to go through and post to every single website. The software will open a separate Chrome window each time it posts.

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