3 things every initial email to prospects include

October 26, 2018 2 min read

3 things every initial email to prospects include 2

3 things every initial email to prospects include

Emails have become an essential part of B2B marketing. It is the perfect way to reach the highest ROI and most marketers know this.

Reaching out to prospects for the first time is not as easy as it may sound. It takes a lot to get it right. Here, the goal is not only establish a first impression but establish one that will last long. The relation you are creating is cannot be just for selling purpose on, it has to be something more.

Creating initial emails is the most important aspect for a B2B marketing campaign. You want to determine whether or not you can actually sell to this person. But there are initial points this that you must establish first- a foundation.

The first thing you really want above everything else is to get your email opened and read. You will not get any response if they don’t find an interest to read.

The initial emails should therefore be your mail focus. To achieve effect here, there are few things that you need to include in the email. In this article, we focus on three most basic things your prospect will expect at the first encounter.

They expect a personalized salutation

There if nothing that looks as boring a generic salutation in an email. This may make it obvious as if you are spraying and not introducing a subject that matters.

An introduction like “hi there” or simply “hello” don’t work anymore especially in the modern error. The prospect will not take as if you are serious with them.

Even changing it to “Dear sir/madam” does not help.

Everyone likes to feel that they are special and recognized. Before you send the mail therefore, know your prospect. Know them by their name and address them as such.

They are expecting that you know them before you even send the message and to show that you do, introduce them with their first name.

Include an engaging first line

It is good that you have passed the first test, what follows next is of great importance too. You message should include a first line that is engaging.

Remember this is someone that probably has a lot of emails to go through already. They are therefore expecting to have something that draws their attention.

Consider this, “Hi, am so and so and a work with company B….”

There is no need to continue from there eve because the customer has stopped reading already. Ensure therefore that the starting line is one that pulls the in rather than push them out.

The initial emails should include a reason to reach out

Now that you have introduced yourself and capture the attention of your prospect, the next step should be easy. You should now include the reason for reaching out. This is the ultimate goal for the initial contact anyway. Make it short and direct.


Making a effective reach out email is key to success with the prospect. You cannot escape it if your  focus is in email marketing.

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