3 ways small businesses can capitalize on organic searches

October 26, 2018 2 min read

3 ways small businesses can capitalize on organic searches 2

3 ways small businesses can capitalize on organic searches

SEO is one of the must dos for all business. Starting entrepreneurs understand this very well and the will always apply different methods to achieve it.

The completion is quite high and it demands some kind of aggressiveness from the marketing team. More so, in this growing world of technology; millennials represent the highest number of consumers.

Marketers understand this. The only problem is, many have no idea on how to go about this. This is understandable considering all the chaos involved with starting a business. They might not be aware of the best way to invest in it.

In the most recent studies, it has been revealed that only about 17% of small businesses have a strategy for SEO. As if that is not enough, it has been revealed that 39% of small businesses lack a marketing strategy.

This could also because their minds are focused on product development. While this important, putting and emphasis on SEO is equally important and should be handled from the first stage.

There are many strategies for SEO, but marketers and businesses should only focus on what works. The following three ideas can help stay search optimized.

Forget about “flavor of the month”

Google is always changing criteria to rank websites. It can be one specific criteria this month and another the next month. This means that you can actually be able to win greatly if you discover what it is.

Most marketer take a lot of their time trying to crack through this “secret code”. Well, the good news is, it might work but you need to ask yourself; for how long? At the end of it all you will go back to square one.

The secret here is to put your focus on being the best. Don’t start with a focus on keywords but post useful information.

Organic search snippets

Google has a way of improving the experience of users. One way it does this is by providing the user with not just link but actual results.

Users don’t have to click though the links one by one looking for relevant information. Instead they are present with organic search snippets which show exactly what that site is about.

As a marketer, focus on updating these snippets, otherwise Google will choose for itself what goes there. This could be your first contact with a potential customer. Unfortunately for you, Google doesn’t always play nice.

Customize the organic search snippet with detail. Use the most effective information about your company to attract customers.

Don’t use duplicate content; avoid it!

Duplicate content can be a major roadblock to increasing your traffic. As much as Google does not clearly state the punishment for duplicate content, they won’t rank you well.

Apart from this, the pages with duplicate content rank individually. And they compete with each other since they have similar keywords.

For this reason consolidate the duplicate content you have one you page. This will let your blogs to work together instead of competing.

Applying these methods can be a sure way for small businesses to enhance their ranking.

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