5 best practices to power your B2B email marketing 2019

October 26, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

5 best practices to power your B2B email marketing 2019 2

5 best practices to power your B2B email marketing 2019

B2B marketing is all about the power of the content your deliver to your audience. The journey to success begins the moment to you receive a new subscription on your mailing list.

Emails have become the most essential component in B2B marketing. You can use any other media effectively for direct marketing but not B2B marketing.

The biggest question is however, is how to use emails effectively in B2B marketing. Emails are not like making cold call. They require one to have a proper strategy in place to ensure they are reaping maximum benefits from it. You want to ensure that your audience fall in love with you or your  might not see the end of it well.

Maybe you have realized it already by now, that there is much more to it than the obvious. And by obvious in this context it means clever subject lines and engaging content. Everything else; landing pages, call-to-action and forms must be in line with your campaign.

Email marketing has been evolving over the years. What you might have known to work a few years ago might not be the best practice for you today. 2019 in particular, has seen some trends coming up the emails campaign especially for B2B businesses.

That is why this article brings to you the best practices to look out for in 2019.

5 best practices to power your B2B email marketing 2019

To begin with, you need to understand that lead generation has become an essential part for the growth of a business. 2019 has seen more and more B2B businesses use emails to get new prospects into their sales funnel.

Studies have revealed emails to be the most effective way for lead generation. Content marketing and social media only come in second. The following practices can help.

There is power in purchased lists

An industry related email communication can be the perfect way to get new customer. There is fear of spam emails yes but it is only so if you offer unrelated material to your audience.

Put your focus on lead nurturing

With competition mounting up and eying the same prospect, you do not want to let them alone. Follow up on your leads throughout the sales cycle until they purchase and beyond.

Personalize emails

If you really want prospects to join your cause, avoid things like “to whom it may concern”. Make the emails personal by using the names of your prospects. It is all about getting the right approach despite the difficulties in cold-emailing.

Speak directly to the target customer

You campaigns need to be direct more than cute and cuddly. This is because you are probably dealing with professionals who prefer so. The secret is to put in the appropriate level of commitment and time.

Leverage email lead generation software

Well, technology has made things for you. Do not struggle with manual generation yet there are best software on the market to help you.

These are the 5 best practices you should apply in 2019 to witness great results in your B2B email campaign.

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