5 powerful B2B leads tracking methods

June 14, 2018 2 min read

5 powerful B2B leads tracking methods - B2B Marketing Guide

5 powerful B2B leads tracking methods

Leads generation can be easy; however, that is not what your company wants the most. The idea is to improve the conversions rates. If you can covert as many leads as possible into sales, then and only then can you say that you leads were really good.

The secret is to ensure you don’t leave the leads after establishing them. You must keep track of them at all times. After spending massive amounts of money on lead generation and marketing strategies, you want to ensure they count on something.

The following methods can help you keep track of your leads.

The attribute of cost source and cost

To do this, you need to start by customizing Google analytic or the CRM software you are using. The goal of this tool is to find out where your leads are coming from.

They could have come from, social media, organic searches, direct clients, links you created or referrals. These are some of the possible sources, and you should be able to narrow it down further. Get to know the sites that brought in the traffic, how long the visitors that come to a certain source stay and the likeliness that the lead will convert into a sale.

As you go through each source, you will find out the cost attributed to them. The marketing effort you put in will impact the lead.

From here, you may start determining whether or not the leads are generating the desired ROI. Look at how much you spend on the lead per conversion from that source to determine this.

Using the percentage of leads to close

This is actually easy. Simply divide the number of conversions with the total leads generated from that particular source. By doing such simple math, you know whether or not the leads were good.

The length of the sales cycle

The digital world offers a different approach to the length of a sales cycle. You don’t always know who the people you contact at first are.

Through the GA tools, however, you can be able to determine the length of time between their first contact and the actual conversion. You can also find out where the first contact originated from as well as how they arrived when they converted. With this information, you have the important metrics you can use to measure your efforts.

Using other technologies: tracking across devices

Tracking over devices is not a very familiar technology to many. In fact is still under development. Whenever a user logs onto your website using mobile devices, it appears as though they are three different visitors.

Through this will not help you know there journey, but you can use manual ways to track B2B leads across the device. You can give that lead a user ID through GA or CRM.

Tracking using behaviors

There are services like Google tags and CRM software that gives the ability to follow user behaviors like watching videos, partial video watching, documents downloading e.t.c.Using this information, you can establish where a buyers journey is. They are indicators for decision making.

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