6 ways to boost email open and conversion rates

October 26, 2018 2 min read

6 ways to boost email open and conversion rates

6 ways to boost email open and conversion rates

Even though social media has come up strong as a communication tool, it hasn’t beaten emails. Those using emails continue to witness the highest conversion rates.

Emails remain to be the most popular marketing channel today. For example, a report from a survey done by Constant Contact, 39% of businesses use emails for marketing. They have made it their priorities have thus ranked emails as the most effective way to achieve the highest ROI.

The reason is that consumers still want emails. And that is all that matter- to give them want they want. They will sign-up in numbers so that they can receive news and feeds for companies. The same survey show over 90% of adults like receiving emails.

Now, just because you have a great email plan in place, it does not always mean it is going to work. There is always a challenge when it comes to making your emails opened and read. This hurts your website and company in ways you cannot imagine.

If they don’t open them, emails service provider will mark all future as spam. It will be interpreted as if the client does not like what you are selling. You ranking may go down because of this because search engines give customers what they want.

So how can you boost your email open and conversion rates? Consider the following ways.

Keep a clean sheet

One of the ways to ensure your emails are getting the right attention is to focus and your list. Keep a clean list to ensure no emails are being flagged.

This is why you need to update your emails list at all times. All the contacts you haven’t received a reply from more than a month should be removed.

Ensure you segment them

Research shows that segmented emails lists have higher chances of rewarding than those that are not segmented.

You can easily start by putting your lists into two groups; those that have bought from your before and those that haven’t. Now you can then customize the lists.

Identify your super fans and show them some love

There are those subscribers who will always open your emails and click through. The best results will come when you focus on those who are already engaged.

Nurture your new subscriber

The question here is what you do when a subscriber joins your campaign for the first time. Do you reach out to them? How long do you take to do this? Follow up on these leads constantly.

Keep a concise content

Content is what gets people interested in your emails in the first place. Emails are better when they are short and concise. Keep it that way as most users are on mobile use.

Use great subjects line

The idea here is to get the attention of the user to reach through the email. The subject line is all you need for this, and you have only a few seconds to do this.

Generally, make your emails exciting and about the customer and you will have better open and conversion rates.

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