7 ways to come up with blog topics

October 26, 2018 2 min read

7 ways to come up with blog topics

7 ways to come up with blog topics

Coming up blog topics is perhaps the hardest part for writing them. It is easier to write very good and attractive content, but the subject topic will determine if it is read or not.

Start with understanding why blogs are important to you. What is it that you want to achieve with your article? Is it to pass information? Or is it for entertainment?

Blog posts are the best way to drive traffic to your website. They help businesses grow their brands, grow their customers, earn shares among many other benefits.

But the question of how to come up with topics becomes the issue. If you see a nice post on the internet, it wasn’t easy coming up with it.

Survey audience

Coming up with great topics does not happen overnight. You need to know your audience inside out. Understand their likes and dislikes. Once you get this running, you are going to get the best ideas to make them love what you are doing.

Search online on social media and forums

Social media provides a perfect solution for coming up topics. There is always something new happening on social media and you can never miss it if you are careful enough. All you have to do is follow up on trending subjects, and from there, something will come up.

Have a reading habit

Many people don’t like reading a lot, especially in the modern world where social media takes center stage in life. However, books and other reading materials can be a great idea to come up with blog posts. Besides, you get to know how you can put words together for a significant readership.

Research on keywords

Search engines rank websites based on keywords. Keywords are simply the words that users are most likely to search for.

You need to establish keywords. This will lay the foundation of what you are going to talk about on your blog. This is the most basic way to come up with ideas.

Ask friends and colleagues for ideas

You might have friend or colleagues that can help you come up with the best blog ideas. Doing it on your own sometimes could be much work than one may think. In such moments, the answer could be with people you interact with daily.  Use them to your advantage.

Use customer questions

Once you post an article online expect people to react to them. There are those that will want to know more about that niche. Now you can use these questions as topics or come up with great topics.

Social media is also a perfect place to pitch for great topics from customer comments.

What worked for others can help you

Another excellent idea for topics is to look at old blog posts. This is the easiest way of all since you can simply modify the existing ones.


Blog topics are based on creativity. So be creative together with the ideas above, you can create an attractive topic.

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