Achieving Engagement With Email Marketing

July 24, 2018 2 min read

Achieving Engagement With Email Marketing - E-Mail Marketing Guide

Achieving Engagement With Email Marketing

Even though email marketing is on demand, there is still a problem when it comes to creating relationships. You may wonder why you have so many inactive users in your lists. And by inactive, it means those who have not reacted to your emails in the past 6 to 12 months.

Research shows that 60% of a standard email list is comprised of inactive users. Meaning a list of 10K subscriber has an only 4K active user.

The main problem could be a result of lack of engagement and that without a doubt kills communication. So how do you achieve engagement, therefore? The steps below should be of help.

Step one: Make your headline short

Most of the people you are sending you are sending the email to are probably very busy. They may not even have time to read through your email. Aside from that, they might be having a lot of other emails streaming in.

That means they will only take a few seconds to peruse through the mails. And that is all you have to capture their attention. If you fail here, then the rest of your message will be thrown to the trash folder.

The headline makes all the difference. It is where all the interest of the reader is generated. Therefore, you need to put all your energy into ensuring that you have an email header that is captivating.

Remember to keep it very short. The best headline has only six to eight words in it, and it does the trick very well. Know your audience and find out what may interest them more than just a short headline.

Step two: focus on the first few words

This is another very important part of the message. It carries all the weight of whether or not the reader will continue looking at your message. Since you have used the headline and captured their attention- now what?

The next step you take will make your campaign a success. Put a lot of emphasis on the first line as it follows the headline immediately. Avoid having “view this email in the browser.” No one has that time. Even if the message is fantastic, no one will read it because you have already closed them out.

Step three: Now the real message and call-to-action

As seen in the previous section one of the most famous statements that people don’t have time to read your mail. And number two they don’t have time to check trough paragraphs.

What should you do then? Simple, do everyone a favor and keep the whole message as short as possible. It is important to go straight to the point but be careful not to be too selling.

Then don’t forget to include a clear Call-to-Action. A CTA gives the reader a sense of direction.

Wrapping it up

Emails have been and remain to be one of the most effective ways of acquiring new customers. Hopefully, this article will help you utilize that chance for greater growth.

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