Best Lead Generation Software - Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software

June 06, 2018 2 min read

Best Lead Generation Software - Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software

Best Lead Generation Software - Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software

Lead generation is among the toughest activities that online stores meet with. Technology has increased to great lengths, all to try and help online store get better value on the market and increase sales at the end of the day. Today leads generation has been made easier with technology.

This software has leveraged leads generation strategies for most businesses. Most B2B sales reps used to spend a lot of time in lead research and qualifying the leads. There was no way to cut down on this time which could be up to 2.5 months in a year.

The software has come so that this times wasted is recovered. By automating leads generations, they can produce leads within short periods without many hustles. The promote leads generation by providing information that is only relevant to the salesperson.

In this article, we are going to look at a software that can help online businesses create leads in the most natural way. Let’s look at why you need the best software for lead generation first.

They can find contacts and keep the info safe

Other methods of leads generation like word of mouth recommendations, tradeshows and networking are al great in lead generation. However, outdated data is a common problem in sales and marketing. Managing data has become a problem in an environment where competition grows by the day.

Amidst the realities, the importance of lead generation software becomes imminent. They can be easily integrated with CRM programs. Through this software, you can easily obtain marketing list from paid databases to help you save on finding the lists using other means.

They identify new prospects

If you are looking for new prospects, which every business does, the software could be all you need. The software can help you capture info at a point of contact with your business, such as through landing page visit, white paper download or email open. Leads are scored through these channels, and the next action is taken.

Tracking of sources of leads

Good leads generation software should be able to help you track leads sources. It is essential that you identify the marketing strategies that are working and those that require changes. Leads generation software has these features. They also keep your leads up-to-date in your CRM software as a necessity. Your information about the leads you have generated and the sources should be available readily at all times.

What is the consideration? Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software

2018 has been a year that has a lot of software and apps developed to improve your leads generation experience. One software, in particular, Yellow Pages Data Extraction software is our point of focus.

The software allows you to scrape B2B leads on complete autopilot. Apart from this, you can scrape any data of your choice from the yellow pages. This include, Business Name, Email address, telephone number, location e.t.c. The scraper will automatically search for the keyword in the yellow pages using cities and areas. All this happens in the most secure environment.

Best Lead Generation Software - Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software

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