Building quality email address list: don’t bounce out of relevance

June 14, 2018

Building quality email address list: don’t bounce out of relevance

Building quality email address list: don’t bounce out of relevance

If you have a great business idea or have started out, you must have great marketing strategies in place. Marketing is one of the areas you need to invest heavily. And because you are investing, the results must be great to get back your input.

Emailing marketing is one of the most basic strategies. However, it may not be as easy as one may imagine. There is a lot to put in.

The number one challenge with emails is that more and more people are losing interest in them. As technology advances, people are opting to use other means.

For this, you need to build an email list that is relevant to the target audience. Get to know them first. The following are tips that can set you on the map to a great email list.

Consider quality not quantity

As stated above, many people are leaving the email realm, for this reason, your email list should be based on creating quality leads and not quantity leads. It is easier to say you have a certain number of emails in your list; that is not helpful.

First of all, because you will not be able to reach your target audience. Otherwise, your email will just end up in the spam folder. Secondly, many email bounces put your email at a greater risk of being marked as spam. Treat your email is your most valuable asset and should be treated right. And thirdly, may be a waste of time, you ROI will show you this.

It is better to have a few emails on your list that will convert into sales than to have a long list of emails that will never benefit you. Always update your list with new emails and remove the dormant ones.

Building and maintaining

When building the list, the first step is to use sign up forms. You can use the foams for your website on social media page because your call to action must be clear.

Secondly, use offline events. Every event you may attend is a great opportunity for you to meet new clients. You can decide to host your own events or simply attend those that have been organized by other companies. You can choose to even go old school with paper and pen, or employ QR code for easy sign-up.

Thirdly, double opt-in. Having a double opt-in process is one of the most effective ways to build a quality email list. In simple terms, any person that gives you an email address will have to log into their emails and confirm them. This is the best and maybe the only way to filter fake emails. You get those that you are sure about.

The final stage of building a quality email address list is to maintain your email list. Many people usually forget this step once they have their list created. Every email list will always have those that will bounce. You must clean this emails. As the emails keep bouncing your reputation is at stake, so be very careful.

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