Buying B2B data lists? How to be smart about it

October 26, 2018 2 min read

Buying B2B data lists How to be smart about it 2

Buying B2B data lists? How to be smart about it

Taking you business to the next level will require that you put in a little more efforts. For example, most of the data lists for B2B business are domestic. So what happens when you want to go global? How will you be able to get your business into a market you know nothing about?

Such questions make it difficult for B2B businesses to get into another market. You need to be able to understand a new market because there are a lot of pitfalls there.

This is why buying a data list is a smart idea for you. This takes from you all the huddles and problems that come with entering a new market. It opens the gates and doors for you to enter and thrive.

When generating your B2B data lists however, it demands that you research well on them so that your sales team will have an easy time. You need to vet all your leads and place those you feel have a higher chance of closing. Those that are unworthy are thrown aside.

This is the concern of marketers opting to buy data lists. They might not be sure if they have bought the list of the right targets. This article highlights a few things to look out for.

Choose a company that is reputable

There are so many vendors on the market and unfortunately not all of them are genuine. There are those vendors that have a reputation of being shady.

This is not something to scare you though. The era of the internet ensure that those companies with a bad reputation have nowhere to hide. There are indicators of reputability offered by search engines on the websites of the vendors.

Your work here is simple. Just check for things like a well designed website, transparency and contacts that are easy to find. The most important part to consider is the current online reviews.

Most companies will offer you incentives to help you decide better. They do not force you but provide something that will interest you. For example, find out if the company offers a free trial model.

The vendors that offer you a free trial are looking to establish trust. They can be trusted since they believe in what they are giving you and they want the same experience from you. Once you have determined the viability of the data list, you can then go on and purchase.

Choose a good database

After establishing a reputable vendor, it is time now to choose the database. Now remember that, just because a vendor is reputable, it is not a guarantee they will give you a good list. Look out for the following indicators.

  • Avoid “one size fits all” lists; this is a concept that does not exist in the B2B realm.
  • Buy a list that gives you ability to customize some parts.
  • Ask your vendor to tell you how often they update the lists.

Armed with this information, buying a data list should be easy.

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