Email Marketing 2018: How Do Your Messages Stack Up?

July 24, 2018 2 min read

Email Marketing 2018 How Do Your Messages Stack Up

Email Marketing 2018: How Do Your Messages Stack Up?

If you haven’t been thinking about it, it is time you start to consider how your email marketing measures up against others. Check out what you unsubscribe rates, and bounces rates look like when you compare with your competition. Research on the email marketing performance in other industries; there top performers- and learn from them.

There are a lot of studies today that can give you insight on how to go about your email strategies. They can help you when you are setting a target and optimizing your campaigns.

Let us look at the metrics and how they affect your emails.

Open rates

You must find out if one out of every six people is opening your email. That way, you are doing better than an average business. If you break this down, it has been realized that emails send on mobile have 61.03% open rate while tablets have 13.53%. Desktop on the other end has 60.3 open rates.

This means you must establish a relationship with your customers. Make your emails more user-friendly.

Consider transactional emails

This is the emails that have been triggered by the action of the user. It may be something like a receipt or a subscription; high open rates define them.

Many assume that transactional emails only come by when there has been money exchange. However, these emails cover any other action that a user may take. These include return confirmation, shipping confirmation, abandoning a shopping cart and password reset.

Non- transactional emails could be a marketing or promotional email.

Many people focus on non-transaction emails. They forget that transactional emails can be an excellent ground for establishing a ground with the customer.

Click-through rates

Many people emphasize open rates, but getting someone to take action is of uttermost importance. Click-through rates show that your users are engaging more in your activities as a company and the chances of making sales are very high.

List churn

Open rates and click-through rates are seen as a more favorable result of a marketing campaign. However, unsubscribe rate and list churn is seen from a negative perspective. 

Unsubscribe rate grows from things like a disconnect between the message and the subscriber. It could also be due to content that lacks value.

The rise of mobile

Today, companies have taken seriously into account the impact of mobile users today. Emails opened through the mobile are more than those from tablets and desktop. Statistics have shown that mobile emails are here to stay and you should put your focus on them.

Bounce rate

This is another metric that does not receive much focus from marketers as open rates and opt-out. However, it carries great significance. It is measured by comparing the number of emails sent to those delivered.


If you take into account your business, industry, and customers, the metric above can be an asset for you. They can give you an estimate on how you fare against the competition. The data matters a lot to your business.

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