Find And Contact Websites Using Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software

June 04, 2018 3 min read

Find And Contact Websites Using Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software

Find And Contact Websites Using Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software

One of the ways to increase traffic for your websites is through contacting other websites. In 2018 especially, the biggest SEO booster for white hat SEO strategies is guest blogging.

Through a guest blog, you get the chance to create backlink that will enable your website to rank higher in the Google ranking.

This is actually not the hardest part. The hardest part especially for beginners if contacting the right website to request for blog posts. In this article, we shall discuss this and other challenges that online retailers face and the simple solution.

Some just lack great topic ideas

Most bloggers who usually start by creating a list of target websites before they even start writing. This is great except it will require you to pitch more than one topic ideas.

The challenge that most people have is to come with great ideas especially the topic. Content is important as well, but the topic will attract a reader to look at what you have written.

If you have great content, but your topic is not catchy, you may find yourself taking too long to find a website that accepts your blog.

You don’t know where to send the article

It could be that you have the greatest ideas and you have generated the most appealing topic idea. However, when you want to send it, you get stuck. This is a common dilemma.

You may have a list of websites with the niche you are interested in but lack ideas on where to pitch. Some may opt to customize emails, but this requires that you a bit about the person, otherwise you may just get their bad side.

Social media are a great tool to use for this. You may like a page on social media, but if you don’t know their names, you may not get far.


Experience is very important when it comes to blogging. You may have gone through the above quite well and thought your problems are over. Then you realize you have no sample to show.

Finally, you don’t know how to pitch

This is one of the scariest parts. You have everything in place, your draft, your target site, editor’s name and contact but you break down when you want to contact them.

The above problems are all related to contacting other websites in a bid to generate more traffic to yours.

Where Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software comes in…

The problem is that, you are unable to find the most effective way to contact other websites and request for guest blogging. Most people use emails and newsletters, which are slowly getting outdated.

It is not that they don’t work, they do, but not the way you may expect. Most of the emails you send may just end up in the spam folder.

Using contact form submission is the surest way to get other websites to your attention. They are the surest way to get them to look at you message.

It even gets better, with Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software; you don’t have to submit the forms manually. Just give in your details and the message and let the magic happen!

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