Getting Noticed: The Ultimate Guide to Link building for SEO 2018

June 01, 2018 2 min read

Getting Noticed: The Ultimate Guide to Link building for SEO 2018

Getting Noticed: The Ultimate Guide to Link building for SEO 2018

It is no longer a secret for web owners that link building is one of the most critical aspects of SEO optimization. Though most may not have heard about it, but it actually started in the late 90’s when Google started. And today backlinks still matter even more when it comes to SEO.

It could true for many though,  that this one of the most confusing things in SEO. If you asked three experts on this subject, prepare to receive three different answers. It has evolved so much over the past few years, and spammers can no longer catch up.

Today, Google does not want to be manipulated; all they want to see is editorial links. These are natural links that a publisher is not compelled to include. In this article, you will find ideas that help you build useful links. We focus on things that will work rather than what will not work.

Which links can work?

There are two simple and basic approaches you can use to build links that work. The first approach is to create white hat links for your site. White hat agency will only ever optimize your website in a way that will never bring you problems. This is opposite of black heart that will use any scummy methods that can harm your site.

Secondly, it is imperative to give your visitors useful content. Through these two approaches, you are good to go.

What makes a link good?

As stated earlier, Google has evolved a lot, and you need backlinks that will put you on the right terms with it. 2018, in particular, is the year that you want the best links for your site due to the growing competition. Link quality is much more than link quantity, and it is essential to get that clear.

To begin with, make sure that your content puts you in the highest ranking. After this, you must ensure that the site you choose for backlinking is relevant to you.

Then check the position of your link on the page because it makes all the difference.

Make sure you have anchor texts that contain your keywords while creating the links.

Lastly, consider carefully the words around your link, the hold a lot of weight for you.

How to get backlinks

There are several ways to do this.

First, you can simply ask for them. There are tools on the internet that give you this information then you can email and ask other webmasters to provide you with links.

Second, you can write a guest blog of about 1500-2500 word, make it interesting as a promotional strategy.

Another method is to publish content in a variety of forms. Use shapes, forms, YouTube videos, etc. While on it, consider using viral content which is one of the best strategies in the system.

Final thought

Social media is one of the tools you want to engage in 2018 for backlinks really. The aim of going through this trouble is to create great SEO for your content. A tool like Minik’s Social Signal Boss Pinterest Software is worth considering for traffic generation.

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