Great Strategies To Boost Your B2B Leads

July 24, 2018 6 min read

Great Strategies To Boost Your B2B Leads - Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Great Strategies To Boost Your B2B Leads

Ecommerce is Big Business and it is hardly surprising that many entrepreneurs are looking to set up an Ecommerce website. So if you are thinking of doing just that, then this guide is for you.

The measure of success of your Ecommerce platform is the bottom line. The number of customers and the volume of sales you make as a result of the Ecommerce Website is a best indicator of your success.

Many Ecommerce sites are either Business to Client (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B). There are pros and cons for each for instance, B2B selling is large volume but is often a prolonged process that involves many layers of information sieving and decision making while on the contrary B2C usually has buyers making instant decisions but on much smaller volumes. Because of this, and especially for B2B visitors, you need to sharpen your strategy to focus on capturing contact information at the first so that you can have a constant follow up as the decision making process is being done.

So without much ado, here are the 10 ways that you can boost your B2B Leads. In case you are in a hurry and just want to skim through, here are the major headlines.

  • Freebies
  • Email marketing
  • Widen Scope of Email Marketing
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Automated Marketing
  • Hyper Customer Service
  • Online Free Seminars
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Purchasing Links


  • Providing a free service or software or app is usually a great way of not just collecting information but also recommending something else. This can range from giving a free eBook or a free online seminar or free software. This is even made easier by the fact that there are so many developers out there trying to solve so many problems; you could easily buy one of the software and band them to your website or prepare an EBook for relevant content and give it to user to download. Usually in this set up you can ask for user registration and basic information collection for segmentation purposes then work on from there.

A good case study of course is Gmail and Google.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains one of the most popular ways to increase and cultivate your B2B Leads. The beauty of it is that it is so simple yet it yields very high results with some cases indicating that the effort to results ratio is somewhere in the region of 1 to 20. That is about 2000% efficient. The trick to an effective Email Marketing campaign is to plan out well in advance. Usually, the following ideas can help streamline your campaign:

When crafting your email campaigns, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Have an exciting Subject Line. The Subject Line is what will convey what the email entails. It is often good to also avoid misleading terms in the subject line as your email may be seen as spam.
  • Be very precise especially with respect to what you are marketing. It is often useful to have good knowledge of the industry and deploy the key terminologies that the B2B target is used to.
  • Deploy a narrow focus strategy. This usually helps the B2B buyers better appreciate the expected impact and it also makes you seem to know what you are doing as opposed to broadcasting a wide range of options that confuses the Buyer and as a result makes you look unprofessional.
  • Simple is smart. This mantra is very apt for Email Marketing as a simple uncluttered presentation usually speaks of a professional and polished operation. So avoid being too showy.
  • Multi-device and multiplatform testing is critical for Email Marketing. This is especially true considering that many people are using mobile devices, and there are different browsers and email clients that respond different to different protocols. So it makes sense to check out the Email on various platforms, email clients and browsers.
  • I will mention it down the line but leads like those supplied by have the beauty of segmenting your clientele so that you can deliver a more target message. Therefore your email will speak to the specific requirements of a particular industry.

Widen the Scope of your Email Marketing

As mentioned above Email Marketing is an excellent to capture and cultivate leads, it also can serve an additional purpose even when the leads can go cold, and that is capture customer data.

This usually means deploying a follow through to your email marketing as a building platform to better understand your client base. This is return can be a feeder to your overall B2B Leads Plan.

Automated Marketing.

Thanks to the Internet, plenty of information is freely available from various public directories. Additionally, you can access private data easily either by purchasing it or by just requesting users to provide you with. The beauty of this is that all that can be scripted and automated.

Thanks to software like Ivys B2B Leads Miner, you can automate this operation by merely providing configuration data. The advantage of this approach is that is brings to your large amounts of data already organized into segments.

Usually that is the first part, the second part involves carefully going through the data and crafting messaging that speaks to the segments, Great results can come if you can configure your software to also send out emails automatically and link it to the E-Commerce platform. This achieves a high level of efficiency.

Content Marketing

Generating original content online is now easier than ever thanks to more information being available on the internet. With this you can generate exciting and insightful content that attract organic traffic to your website or WebPages and through this, be able to get useful information for follow up later.

The trick to content marketing is to always have fresh and relevant content on a variety of topics. It also helps if you can target different segments with your content. 

It helps therefore to have a pre-organized list of targets to send your content to so that you can be able to prepare various types of content. You can also use an app to remind you to update content.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn excellent means for B2B marketers to reach a wide range of profession. Thanks to LinkedIn, everyone is already searchable, segmented and their preferences known.

In the last 3 years, it is estimated that at least 5% of Professionals got a reference through LinkedIn and so it is definitely a growing platform.

It therefore can pay great dividend if you can have your business profile on LinkedIn very polished and reputable including endorsements from many people. Thanks to software like Minik’s Social Signals available on WOWITLOVEITHAVEIT.COM.

In addition you can use the LinkedIn Pulse to push your content on LinkedIn and thereby increase your visibility greatly.

Hyper Customer Service.

Hyper Customer Service is the ability to track Buyers even before they do a purchase by simply following up on people who have shown interest in the products you are offering.
One great way of achieving this especially on E-Commerce platform is doing Direct Messaging to get to know the visitors. Usually it has been seen that approximately 10% of all DMs results in some continued relationship of some sort.

This ability to interact with Customer service greatly enhances the brand equity and also provides confidence to buyers that you have capacity to serve.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is perhaps the best trick up the sleeve for anyone on E-Commerce. This is because it results in visits just by searching for products related to your site.

There are many guides on WOWITLOVEITHAVEIT.COM on how to achieve this as well as many trick and software tools to achieve SEO.

The return on investment on SEO is enormous, with up to 500% possible and so it should be taken seriously.

The following additional tips are necessary too:

  • Design with mobile devices in mind
  • Enhance seamless browsing experience for the user; too many pop-ups for example should be avoided. Submit your product to other search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.

Online Seminars/Webinars

Online Seminars are a great way to interact with prospective buyers and separate guide is available for a hosting successful webinars. But in the short we can say that the following tips are useful:

  • Have great content
  • Have Pre-Registration Page as the Landing Page; remember that the point of the online seminar is to give great content in exchange for leads follow up.
  • Run a promotional campaign on Email, Social Media, LinkedIn and target it to the audience you are attracting.
  • Have a means of getting feedback during the Online Seminar.
  • Practice the delivery before going online this means also that if you are going to be more than one presenter, then you have established rapport.
  • Make sure that if questions or comments are posted it is only you who can see them, this is to avoid disruption.

Purchasing Links

With WOWITLOVEITHAVE.COM Business Leads service, you can jump ahead by simply just buying pre-verified, segmented links that are free for a life time.

I suggest strongly that this becomes a central part of your campaign as it shortens the cycle between research and deployment of your B2B Leads Campaign.

So that is the end of the guide. Catch more guides on WOWITLOVEITHAVEIT.COM

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