How much do key words still matter for SEO?

October 26, 2018 2 min read

How much do key words still matter for SEO 2

How much do key words still matter for SEO?

If you ask most of the experts in the SEO business, they will tell you something different. SEO is not as profitable as it used to be back in the 2000s.

At that time as a simple process like:

-    Use keywords to identify a neglected niche.

-    Use high-density keywords micro-site.

-    Use the site to drive traffic toward eBook and

-    Rinse and repeat with different keywords and niches.

Such would define what was known as a successful SEO strategy. This same process was written about by many microsite entrepreneurs back in 2011 as a successful strategy.

You could simply put up thirty sites, and you have a guarantee of $1000 per month. It was simply a money printing machine.

Today things are hugely different and SEO is not half as good as it was back then. The change started in 2011 when Google panda was updated. Since then, SEO is not as important.

What is the face of SEO today?

The role and importance of SEO have diminished but not lost. It still works very well and understanding it means you will have the upper hand.

Google has continued to do away with some of its searches. For example, Hummingbird was updated in 2013. With that, the role in which gaming in which keywords were involved has continued to depreciate in value. The main reason is, Google seems to have taken up the SEO role for you.

Google today is more sophisticated than ever. It can decipher the meaning of your words and questions that your customers ask. The Intel is then used to make your site appear in searches that don’t even involve you.

For this reason, you need to understand how greatly SEO has changed. There is a danger in continuing to implement those methods that have been outdated. Here are some of the changes you should look out for.

  1. Page authority of over SEO

What used to be PageRank is not dead. The only development is, it is no longer the top metric for ranking used by a hummingbird. Now there are over 200 other metrics. These metrics help Google determine the authority of your page.

  1. Keyword placement has taken over keyword frequency

It is very vital that your long-tail keywords show up in your page title, URL, sub-headers, image descriptions etc.

Frequency is no longer helpful. There is no need to repeat a keyword seven times in the body.

  1. Semantic search has taken over long and short-tail keywords

Today Google uses what is known as a semantic search to find the meaning behind your words. The long tail and short tail keywords are no longer as relevant.


As you can see, keywords are not going anywhere shortly. But then, traditional SEO marketers should be very careful.

It is not good to depend on keywords anymore. The secret is in learning the changing world of SEO and following up on the trends that have been a common norm today.

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