How to discover and monitor backlinks

June 04, 2018 3 min read

How to discover and monitor backlinks

How to discover and monitor backlinks

A lot has changed in the SEO realm over the last few years. Amidst all the changes, however, the power of the backlinks has remained intact.

In the old school SEO, backlinks quantity was what mattered the most. Today, however, quantity no longer applies but quality.

The key to success to any online business today is based on monitoring of these backlinks to your websites and those on your competitors’ sites as well.

To do this, you may need premium services offered online if you are a long time pro. This may not be so for beginners. The link analysis tool is all you need at this point; it comes at a lower price.

In this article, we will look at a few tools that can help you find and monitor your backlinks.

  1. Using the two-phase approach

Phase 1: getting ready to observe

You may have all the backlinks data in front of you, but that will not create results for your business. What are you going to do with the data you have? You will have to take your time to analyze that data regularly if you want it to be helpful to you. There are two practices you can employ for this. One, you need to add a backlink monitoring to your work schedule. You can start with the manual method once you discover the power of backlinks. This may take too much time though, which is why it is better to consider the automatic backlink monitoring solutions on the market.

After choosing your method, you can go ahead and schedule the best time to your convenience. For manual method, it could take several hours, and only a few minutes once a week when using automated tools.

The second approach is to know what to look for in backlinks. You may have a huge number of backlinks after the step above, not all are useful. Simply categorize your backlinks between desirable and undesirable.

Go through your list and note new or lost links, domain authority, and type of link, domain age, overall website quality and relationship potential. With this, you will create a reliable backlink report and now ready to go to phase two.

Phase 2: Input the backlink monitoring to reporting and outreaching

With backlink monitoring, you can improve a variety of task online.

To begin with, you will need to improve your reporting with backlink monitoring. Then you can enhance your outreach with backlink monitoring. Use backlink monitoring to find out whether or not your backlinks are paying.

Getting started with backlink monitoring

Now that you understand how to discover the best backlinks and how what monitoring entails, it is time to get started.

Step one: open your calendar and put a mark on a one-hour block under Monitor backlinks. This is quite easy.

Step two: identify one website on which you can focus your efforts on. It is essential to have a focus site at the beginning then you can expand your monitoring once you are comfortable.


With the expansion technologies on the internet like e-commerce, discovering and monitoring backlinks is essential to any business. With a tool such as the Crazy Pants Leads Generator, it becomes even easier to identify other webmasters that can offer you backlinks.

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