How To Generate Sales With Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Forms Submitter Software

June 04, 2018 2 min read

How To Generate Sales With Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Forms Submitter Software

How To Generate Sales With Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Forms Submitter Software 

Several challenges face e-commerce business.  Even as the industry continues to expand, only they who run the shops know how hard it is to make through. The biggest struggle of the all is generating. In this article, we look at four fundamental issues that hinder sales generation and the solution.

Generating targeted traffic

This is perhaps the most disturbing g factor for e-commerce websites. Traffic can be generated with ease. How hard can it be to get people to visit your site? But generating that targeted traffic is, all the same, a different thing.

It is no doubt that digital marketing channels are evolving at the highest rate. Retailers no longer rely on one type of channel alone to drive traffic to their online stores. It is now a struggle to leverage effective SEO, PPC, email, mobile phones and other forms or e-marketing tools to attract traffic.

Capturing quality leads

The conversion rates for generated traffic for online stores range between 1% and 3%. This is so even after online retailers spend huge amounts of money to bring traffic to their shops. For this reason, they must focus on generating quality leads to getting the most out of it. The emphasis is on quality leads because not all leads are created equally. This is where a real headache comes in.

Nurturing the ideal prospects

You may have a large list of email, but they are void if there is no proper engagement with subscribers. Only a small number of that list will convert into paying customers. This makes delivering value with email marketing a bit hard today.

Communication of products offered is one of the key areas that emphasis is placed on. Some do real good promotions. However, prospects are slowly getting out of their comfort zone. They are looking for more than that. Something more than just driving traffic to your site is needed.

Choosing the right technology

E-commerce is all about technology and partners. It's possible that some retailers are struggling because they are using the wrong technology. Doing this and or hiring the wrong partners will definitely limit you in this changing world. A good technology foundation is key to success in the e-commerce industry. Right from the shopping cart solutions, IMS, email software and CRM systems, all must favor your business.

What Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software does

How To Generate Sales With Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Forms Submitter Software

Shopify is among the top e-commerce platforms on the market. The new Shopify Contact Submitter Software is the latest technology that enables you to connect to many other Shopify websites at a click of a button. Emails and newsletters are simply becoming outdated. Contact submissions, on the other hand, offer the best open rate. Through them, you can get guest blogs which will bring traffic to your shop. The traffic generated through this software is the targeted one for your shop. With this, the possibility of converting traffic into sales has been increased greatly.

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