How to get guest blog posts with Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software

June 04, 2018 2 min read

Get Guest Blog Posts with Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter

How to get guest blog posts with Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software

The e-commerce industry has evolved greatly. There is every indication that the brick-and-mortar stores are losing to the online stores. There are many e-commerce platforms on the market today, and Shopify is at the top of the list. It provides the perfect environment for online shops to thrive. Technology and development have been the goal of the platform, generating better technologies that improve the user experience. The latest innovation is the Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitters Software. It is set to improve leads generation by easily connecting tens of thousands of Shopify websites. Guest blogging is among the best ways to generate business-to-business leads. The Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software is designed to get you guest blogging opportunities. Before we look at how this is possible, let’s go back to the basic and look at the benefits of quest blogging.

Guest blog posts give you authority

Through a guest blog, you get to show your authority and expertise in a particular area.  A site that publishes your quest blog is simply recognizing you as someone that can be trusted to share the information. Readers will see you as someone credible to go to when you show your understanding in a certain field; they will follow your link to find your services.

Guest blog posts are great for branding

Guest blogs increase your exposure, and in so doing, you build your brand. You do this by finding other websites that operate in the same niche as you and request them to publish your guest article. New visitors who visit that website will have a chance to meet your site too. This simply serves as an advertising strategy for your website.

Google authorship

Google will know who you are through your guest blog and you can attain Google authorship. For those using Google+, you simply add the blog post to the “contributor to” section.

Google authoring helps you increase your rankings in the Google search and also click-through rates.

Improve your writing skills

Through guest blogging, you get a chance to put your ideas into writing. You build a portfolio of your articles every time a site publishes them.

New Leads

Visitors who read your blogs on other sites may become new leads for your business. You are simply creating a network with new leads if they get impressed with your article.

Traffic generation

Guest blogging will without a doubt increase the number of people that visit your site. When guest blogging, you leave a link to your site which others can follow.

How does the Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software help you?

To get a guest blog, you will have to send an email requesting for it. Using newsletters and email is no longer a guarantee that your request will be read. Contact form submissions have become the most effective way to connect to other websites. With this software, you are automatically connected to other Shopify websites without any hustle. You can then request for blog posts to as many websites as you want.

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