How to prioritize your sales leads

October 26, 2018 2 min read

How to prioritize your sales leads

How to prioritize your sales leads

It is without a doubt that the entire important star will get done at the right time if you prioritize your leads. It gives you more time and ability to focus only on the leads that are showing promising signs. It is however understandable that it can be quite tricky for a salesperson to know precisely where to start. If they have no clue to, the temptation of going through the list is quite imminent; maybe due to panicking.

It is most important in those times that you just take your time to go through the list strategically. You can then work all the down. You can even start with the oldest existing leads and work all the way to the newest.

This is a great way to get through your list and make some adjustments. It can even help you convert some of the leads into actual sales at the end of the day. The big question however is; are you spending your time and resources wisely?

If you are lucky and the leads convert, then maybe your strategy is working, but will it hold for long? It is very vital that you put in place a system at enables you to prioritize your leads. Let’s look at a few tips that can get you there.

Consider the industry

As a B2B marketer, it is obvious that your customers will fall into one or two different industries. They may not be all the same at all times.

Say for example you are in selling computer software. If two leads come in, one works in maintaining computers and another in computer education; you need to separate them. Because none of them falls directly in your niche, the best idea is to focus on the one closest to your first rather than one that came in first.

Understand their job title

It is important that you know the power and influence of your lead in the organization they are working for. If the decision makers or they have to go through a ladder is one of the ideas that can help you place that lead.

The approval process will be much quicker with a person of higher ranking. This is not, however, to say you should ignore lower ranking people. If they have found their selling process, they may be very helpful t your process.

Consider the annual revenue

This is the indicator that shows how big and established an organization is. As much as it may not be much of a consideration to many, it is wise to include it in your plan. A company that has higher revenue will have a higher budget.

Know a potential business

It is very tempting to want to just go through the list and close as many deals as possible. However, not all customers are created equal and doing this may keep you away from getting the right prospect. Focus your time and resources on leads that are more promising to convert.

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