How To SEO Meta tags For Google & Other Search Engines in 2018

June 01, 2018 2 min read

How To SEO Meta tags For Google & Other Search Engines in 2018

How To SEO Meta tags For Google & Other Search Engines in 2018

Webmasters use Meta Tags to provide information about their sites to the search engines. Most people may not be aware of what they are because there is no “obvious way” that Google and other search engines use them. These Meta Tags can be used to provide info to all kinds of customers. Each system is specific to the Meta Tags they understand; anything else is ignored.

There are several tools that one can use to check for Meta Tags on their websites. What you have to do is find the right one.

Why are Meta Tags helpful in 2018?

Before you even learn how to use Meta Tags, it is essential to know whether or not they are helpful in 2018. To rank high in search engines, it is more to do with relevance and reputation. This means your content should be of high quality, it should satisfy your users and you must have online popularity.

Experienced webmasters argue that there is no noticeable influence for web ranking by Meta Tags.  However, if they are correctly used, they can influence other areas outside just ranking pages. For example, they can improve click-through rates from the SERPs. Be careful when using them though, because Google’s punitive quality algorithm may punish you if you abuse them.

The essential Meta Tags for SEO 2018

As a beginner, there are three most important Meta Tags that most users are familiar with. There are;

-    The description; which is optional, maybe import and sometimes used by Google.

-    Keywords; they are optional and potentially ignored by Google.

-    Robots; optional and mostly used by Google.

Note that, Google does not use keyword Meta Tags or description Meta Tags information to rank pages. However, it sometimes uses the Meta description page to create snippets for searches.

What do Meta Tags do in SEO?

Any Meta Data can be used to describe any page. They are the most convenient machine-readable forms, more workable for search engines.

However, they are most likely to get spammed. This is why they are constrained regarding ranking the page.

Meta tags best practice 2018

It could just be that optimizing Meta Tags may not be so helpful after all. This is because search engines understand the text better. And Google, in 2018 more than ever is more interested in the visible page copy, it looks for the main content of the page in the quality rater guidelines.

Search engines ignore invisible elements; therefore, make relevant text and content before you worry about Meta tags.

With that clear, robots are the best Meta Tag SEO practice 2018. You can use them to tell Google to index a page but not to follow any links on the page.

Major search engines recommend that you use Meta Tags sensibly. If you are using descriptive tags, you may not be penalized by any search engine. Be creative when writing Meta tags, because search engines use them from time to time.


Your focus should be placed on optimizing your page and site altogether. To get proper indexing, you can use the Meta Tags with tools such as Minik’s Social Signal Boss Pinterest Software

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