How to tailor an email marketing campaign to existing customers

October 26, 2018 2 min read

How to tailor an email marketing campaign to existing customers

How to tailor an email marketing campaign to existing customers

There are many reasons why emails are an effective marketing tool today. They are used as a great way to gain new customers, but that is not the only way.

Another way is to confirm customer loyalty. This is one of the essential parts success for a business. Loyal customers make it possible for your business to continue even if you don’t get new subscribers. It is far more expensive also to gain new customers than to retain existing ones.

A recent study has revealed that email marketing does more to boost customer loyalty than social media and any other medium.

Using emails to get new customers is the hardest part. You will have to put in more considerations and be more careful to achieve success. Initial emails are harder to generate because you don’t know anything about the customer.

You will need a slightly different approach to retain the new customer. You are going to have to use easier tactics but all more important for existing customers.

This means now you have to understand the tactics that specifically focus on your existing customers. Here are some strategies to get you started.

Get personal with them

Te subject line is the most important part to attract your customers. They are most effective in initial emails. However, just because the customer is already on your list does not mean you ignore this.

Using the name of a person in the subject line is one way that has proved to work very effectively. It increases open rate as well as increase spending.

People like to feel special, and a personalized email ensures this. Since you have already established a relation, you must ensure that you seal it through the emails you send.

Everything relies on content

Content is everything when getting back to existing customers. Here is where things get even more exciting. You see, during an initial email, you can use any content you have had to attract them. However, existing customers require that you give them new content at all times.

If a person is your customers, it means you have already earned their trust. Now you have a responsibility to keep giving the quality content

You are probably being seen as a leader in that industry. So now you have to come up with new and more exciting content.

Use segmentation for your mailing list

Segmentation is important for target list. It is also a vital part of existing customers. Only that now the way you segment your list will be different from initial prospects lists.

One of the best ways is to tailor them to a specific demographic. You have a better chance of nurturing these customers if they are placed in segments.

The call-to-action matters still

One mistake that most marketers do is to think that call-to-action is only for new leads. A clear call-to-action must be included in all emails no matter who they target.

These tips are the best if you want to take care of your existing customers. Hopefully, they will set you on the right track.

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