How to Use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Revenue

October 26, 2018 2 min read

How to Use Customer Behavior Data to Drive Revenue 2

How to better leverage customer data

It is important for marketers to make strategic decisions in their marketing campaigns. To achieve this, they turn to numbers and data to know exactly how to drive their efforts.

The first step is to identify the perfect source of this data. The source is as important as the data itself. Two groups are the basic source of the data; the customers themselves and themselves.

How important is customer data? This is a question that a marketer should not even be asking. They are the foundation of B2C marketing. It enables companies to make great decisions based on the data.

Customer data can be used to increase conversions, click throughs and revenues.

Having said that, let’s see how marketers can leverage this data. This way you can ensure to reap the best out of it.

Create a customer profile

As a marketer you have to keep a close eye on customer data that comes. One in, the data can be store collectively in ways that can initiate decision making. This is the best way to leverage the data since decisions in general are made based on the information and data received. Without data, there is no foundation for a marketing campaign.

As a B2C marketer, it is highly important that you know who your customers are. It does not stop there yet. You need to know what they customers are most interested in and what they are looking for. Look at the email clicks, in-store campaigns, website browsing history, mobile interactions and any other data.

This information is a perfect way for marketers to create unified profiles for the customers across the buying journey.  The data can then be optimized in ways that increase customer purchase which essence means increased revenue.

One of the benefits of rich customer profiles is that you can send customized messages. You will know exactly what to send and when to send. The data is simply a way on know what customer need and how you can fulfill these needs.

Know where to put your focus

Gaining greater returns is the expectation of every market. It therefore makes sense that they will need to leverage the data.

You need to be able to build high level content, determine campaign messaging among other things. This can be made possible when marketers know exactly where to focus.

For example, a company may discover that there is a high conversion rate from social media. This will enable decision making based on hard numbers. When they want to roll out a new social strategy, they will simply reference on these numbers.

Follow up on interactions on all channels

There are many platforms today on which consumers can interact with brands. Marketers must therefore be ready to interact with customers at all levels.

This can also help marketers get a fuller picture of what customers need. This will create an opportunity for a more focused campaign.

Apart from the techniques above, you can also personalize the customer journey to make them more at ease with you.

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