How to write Meta descriptions to boost your SEO

October 26, 2018 3 min read

How to write Meta descriptions to boost your SEO 2

How to write Meta descriptions to boost your SEO

SEO is one of the trickiest subjects, and that is a fact. There is no day someone with says they have mastered SEO.

Google changes SEO strategies about 500 to 600 times every year. That means there is no way of saying you have nailed it.

The only change in the constant SEO.

That is why there is always a craving to be at the top of SERPs.

The good news is, some elements will always remain relevant. You can focus on doing them for a long time to improve your SEO.

Meta descriptions are one of the elements. And yes, they still work! They have been an essential part of search engine result pages, and that is a fact not about to change any time soon.

All you have to do is know how to capitalize on them. This article will give you insights on how to write Meta descriptions that are compelling and can boost your SEO.

Before that:

Importance of Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are fundamental today more than ever.

They serve as a succinct description of your whole content on a webpage. They do so in conjunction with the rest of the Metadata in the HTML code of your site.

They are just a must. Even if you don’t set them up, be sure the content sharing system will automatically set them up for you.

It is good to set them up yourself the way to want them. Those automatically generated may not be as good as your own.

If Meta descriptions are optimized correctly, they can help Google in ranking the page.

It is important that you understand well how these elements affect your ranking. That way, you can know how to optimize them.

How can you write them, therefore?

Step one: don’t put much of your focus on word count

Even though Google has recently updated their character limitation, don’t let it trouble you too much. If you focus on it alone, you will be negating the whole point of SEO.

Rather, it is better if you focus on content first.

Step two: make them unique and very interesting

The reason why anyone will want to click on content is that of the description. If you just make them for the sake of it, no one will have a second look at them.

The ultimate application to come with interesting content depends on your creativity. Basically, don’t make it boring.

Step three: include your keywords

That is the reason you spend a lot of time generating keywords. You have them even in the description of your product.

It makes no sense, therefore, to leave them out in the Meta description. It could be a fatal mistake to leave them out.

Here is a Practical Example of a Meta Description

Here, we have a meta description for an online vape shop in Portugal.

Comercialização de varias marcas tais como Smok Vaporesso Joyetech Voopoo Vandy Vape Wotofo , assim como liquidos e aromas entre eles Nasty Juice Red astaire Medusa e muitos outros

As you can see, this meta description is mostly driven by keywords. The reason for this is because vapers mostly run their searches by searching for particular brands or vape category types such as e-liquid, eliquid, ejuice, vape salts, CBD eliquid, hemp oil, vape mods, e-cigarette starter kits, shortfill eliquid, nicotine shots and so on. Therefore, as you can appreciate, it only makes sense to add all the important keywords in the meta description.

Wrapping it up

It is a fact that Meta descriptions are here to stay.

It is better therefore if you learn how to craft good ones as soon as possible. You need them to boost your ranking.

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