How you can build an email marketing list as quickly as possible

October 26, 2018 2 min read

How you can build an email marketing list as quickly as possible 2

How you can build an email marketing list as quickly as possible

The following ten ways can help you create an email list real fast.

Upgrade your content

Once you have written a blog and people love it, take that advantage and offer them more. In turn, ask for their emails to receive more information.

Use In-email social sharing

You send out blog posts to your email subscriber with the aim of getting the reader to visit your website. Using social sharing has proved to work well in generating traffic for your site. Even if they don’t read it, sharing alone is enough.

Host a giveaway

This is one of the most functional ways for quickly increasing your email list. Use a prize that the crowds really want and not what you think they may like. Add a bonus entry for referral, which will get more people to share the information.

Use featured opt-in incentives

It is not easy to find a website today that does not have incentives for opt-in. They all want to get as many subscribers as possible, and the incentives will attract more people to subscribe. They are not attached to any specific blog post but are advertised separately.


Darren Rowse put up a test that showed an increase in the number of subscribers from 40 to 350. This was after the installed a pop-up subscription box on Pop-up is goo because they are easy. Whether you love them or hate them, they are quite successful.

Use social proof

People don’t trust the ads you put up but the people that use them. Studies have shown 63% of consumers will purchase likely from sites that have reviews. Social proof was very powerful.

Use your numbers effectively. Bigger numbers will prove to buyers you are really there.

Use name dropping

Name dropping is a way of linking your brand with another brand. Some people care about what people think and other care about what specific people think. Social proof might not be effective for the second group.

With quality content and a credible name, you will easily get new subscribers.

Offer a tasty bonus for referrals

Referrals play a very important part of your life. They are more effective than even the social proof. There is nothing a customer will trust more than a direct recommendation from another customer. When you make your subscribers happy, they will share the happiness.

Get influencer to partner with

If you have ever tried to use celebrities, you will realize how exorbitant they are. There is a reason for that; influencers are a great way to drive conversions.

Create a website that is faster

No one likes a website that takes ages to load. If you were on the road, speed kill; but on the internet, lack of speed kills your website.

Final thought

Building an email list is not as easy as it may sound. You will have to try out a few things until you find one that works for you. Try out the ideas above and then you can get your email list where you want it.

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