June 01, 2018

Search Engine Optimization guide 2018 – strategies that will win

One thing that has become certain is that SEO best practices are always evolving.  This makes it a crucial factor for you to stay up to date with the latest trends in the field 2018.  You may be tempted to think the strategies you applied a few years back will work today, well that might not be so.

For starters, technologies have changed rapidly in the past few years, and you must adapt. Your efforts should be geared towards what is to come next and not what worked before.

Apart from this, your competitors might be using those common techniques and you need to stay ahead of them. More contemporary method can take you across on top. Stay up to do and set your ear for the latest whistle and bells. Here are some of them that will surely work in 2018.

AMP...lify your 2018 SEO strategy

The #1 item on the list for 2018 SEO trends in the Accelerated Mobile App (AMP). This is simply an app that caters for people using mobile platforms. If you adopt the AMP technology, you are on the right SEO track.

Page speed is crucial in 2018

You should ensure your site loads quickly for both mobile and desktop clients. Especially for software-as-a-service app, you may lose your rank and customers if you don’t check on speed.

SEO is moving to mobile-first index

Googlebot will crawl your site as though you are using a mobile phone, not a desktop. Make your website user-friendly for mobile devices.

Move to HTTPS as soon if you haven’t

The insecure HTTP protocol is fast losing market. Google Chrome is set to rank all no-HTTPS sites as “not secure” by July 2018.

Use RankBrain

This Google’s machine learning algorithm has become a vital SEO tool in 2018. It helps the search engine process search queries. It will go beyond simple keywords placement and will include a title. It will look at the content’s relation to the search and determine where to rank it.

Editorial links are more important than you may think for your 2018 SEO

These are links that you get from guest posts when you request another webmaster, take advantage of them.

White hat links

Play by the rules when you decide to pursue a backlink strategy. You can be sure Google will know if you use private blog networks.

There is an increase in the rate of click-through

CTRs have become a great ranking strategy for 2018. It is all about advertising.

Dwell time

Make sure people actually stay on your page, at least for 10s. Ensure your content matches the keywords and it's original.

  • Your 2018 SEO need to look at bounce rate.
  • Voice search optimized pages are another great idea
  • Your 2018 SEO needs snippets, make it rich.
  • Use schema.org markup
  • Prioritization of intent by Google is ago in 2018
  • Your site structure will create the difference.


There are more trending SEO factors that you can check out on the internet. Tools like Minik’s Social Signal Boss Pinterest Software should be put on your priority list to generate traffic for your site.

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