SEO best practices 2018: Your ultimate content guide

May 29, 2018 2 min read

SEO best practices 2018: Your ultimate content guide

SEO best practices 2018: Your ultimate content guide

Are you thinking of the best practices to improve ranking in search engines? Then picking up and book for your local store on how-to-do section is useless. The web is the best place to find this information. Search engines are on a route that constantly changes their algorithms. The web contains the most trends for SEO.

Now, is there any difference between last 2017 SEO best practices and 2018? If so, where is the best place to focus your marketing efforts on digital content? This article sheds some light on 2018 best practices. But before we look at that, let’s go back to some basics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply making your content to find “favor” with search engines. This simply means, if you focus on the 2018 SEO best practices, all active internet users will see your content.

Great focus and emphasis should be placed on the SEO for your website even before your content is ranked. If your website lacks basic optimizations, everything else won’t matter. Even if your content is great and with high keyword temperature, the website will pull it down.

In 2018, the need to create a mobile-friendly website is key to the success of your site. Apart from this, you need to avoid penalties from SERP for slow loading pages. Optimally, your page should load in under 3 seconds.

Now that we are clear, let us go back to the question of best practices.

What are the best content practices for 2018?

To understand the best practices for 2018, content is vital. It is highly likely that the marketing basics for 2017 are still intact. These include;

  • Long-tail keywords for optimized content
  • Video content leveraging
  • Updates
  • High-quality content and
  • Inclusive marketing

If you have been keen on these trends, however, you may have noticed a few changes. These are:

Mentions without links

If you consider link building, you will realize that search engines are increasing in smartness. They have majorly moved away from links signals for ranking and concentrating on word-of-mouth marketing; linkless.  For example, you can mention a brand in a news story, review forum, blog content, etc. without a link.

As you work on your SEO 2018, find monitoring services that will identify your business on the internet. Be careful to avoid spam mentions though. Follow positive mentions, don’t go silent on negative ones and influence your customers.

Topic clusters

Your content has to be relevant as seen in 2017 and topic clusters have become fundamental for 2018 SEO. These are linking strategies aimed at showing the search engine the relevance and comprehensiveness of your content. You can call them website theming.

Increase the length of your blogs

Longer posts are one of the SEO best practices 2018 you wouldn’t want to miss on. Visitors will take more time on your site, and search engines favor this.

Final thought

Social media has also become an essential tool for SEO and 2018 should be the year you take seriously. SEO software like Minik’s Twitter Social Signals Boss should be on your budget. Follow them, and you will experience better results.

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