Should you buy leads for your business?

June 18, 2018 2 min read

Should you buy leads for your business?

Should you buy leads for your business?

Do you have enough leads for your business? If no, are you at the boundary of buying them? Well, in this article, we are going to look at some reasons why you should and should not buy leads.

It is without a doubt that leads are necessary for your business. You need them for your online business. This could be some of those times when you are considering buying leads seriously. The following pros and cons should give you an idea.

Why should you buy them? – Pros

High-quality leads

Many lead providers can provide services to large kind of business prospects. They filter different databases to give you prospects based on location, designation, number of employees in a particular company or software being used in a particular organization.

With such information, you can create leads for specific targets in very easy ways. They also have a great experience and can identify your target group and offer you necessary advice wherever possible.


Service providers offer different prices according to your industry and the kind of information you want to receive. If you consider the returns, you will realize the small value of your money.

Lead generation can take time and a lot of investment. However, you can buy something that generates them automatically that can serve you for a long time.

The rate of conversion can be very high

If you have high-quality leads in place, it becomes easier to make sales. It may not be as easy as picking fish from a barrel but it definitely better than shooting in the dark. Buying leads are compared to making warm calls; you stand a better chance of getting returns for your investment.

To save time

You get ready-made leads and use your time on something else. It takes a lot of time and huge investments to create quality leads. Buying leads put a full spoon in your mouth.

Why shouldn’t you buy leads? – Contra

There is never a perfect lead

It is good that you are getting high-quality leads, but that is never a guarantee they are going to convert. You may buy 100 leads for example, and only ten may become sales due to different factors. Some of the factors that may hinder sales could be beyond your control.

You are not fully informed

It is essential to know where your leads come from. You should also know the process that was involved in creating the contact information. It is always to be on the safe side with search engines for example.

Some information could be out-of-date

Some information could have been entered into the database quite long ago. Such information cannot be so helpful.

You lack a personal connection

Leads are better and convert more easily if you have a personal connection with your prospect. Machine generated leads do not give you that, and you may not even know your clients at a personal level.

Risk of shared leads

You may get low prices on some leads but realize they are already sold to other people. The chances of converting such leads are very low.

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